A Life Of Self-Reflection

How do we keep growing? 

How do we move towards more success? 

How do we get better in our relationships? 

How do we continue to open our hearts? 

How do we expand our self-esteem? 

How do we align with our purpose?

How do we become more conscious?

How do we find inner peace?

How do we create more happiness in life?

How do we get more in touch with our spiritual nature?

These are just a few questions that can be answered through self-reflection.   Self-reflection is a necessary part of any human being who wants to grow, be more successful and live a meaningful life.  Without self-reflection we trudge down the old path of the familiar bored by our own shadow.  With ongoing reflection of self, life is always interesting because we are alive and fully present to it. 

The following are few ideas to support your self-reflection in daily living:

  • Taking time to notice what is going on inside of you throughout the day, notice thoughts, feelings, sensations and what they tell you about yourself
  • Slow down in the midst of being busy and feel your body and mind energized, stressed, inspired, distracted or whatever is going on inside
  • Break from a routine and notice what gets activated in you when doing so.  Staying with the familiar is always safer and provides little if any reflection
  • As your evening winds down, take a few minutes to explore what you have learned about your strengths and abilities this day
  • Notice how much you do or don’t care about what others think and how that may or may not control your actions
  • Sense when you are around others or in situations if you are opening or contracting.  Opening means you feel comfortable being present; contracting means something inside of you is holding back or closing down
  • And the simplest practice of self-refection is to notice what is stirring in you as you breathe with awareness in the moment

 Each day is full of opportunities for self-reflection; use at least a few of the moments to enliven your life