Expanded Capacities Part 12 – The Magnetic Power of Passion and Desire

On Monday the first of June I made a suggestion here at the Explore Life Journal that you have some fun this month opening yourself to more of what is possible in life.  I suggested a video to watch that is about Tapping/EFT which is a technique used to dissolve past ideas, beliefs, suggestions etc. that are getting in your way from having a greater abundance of what you want in life.  Here is another EFT video that is a little more clear in what he is doing and saying.  Brad Yates has a sense of humor in this one and if you notice he has a number of other videos worth checking out. 

The important thing is that you find a practice session to follow along that works for you or you create your own.  30 days of practice will breakdown even the oldest and most rigid of your (and mine) self-imposed limits    

Now more to the topic of the day about how to become a stronger attractive force for what you want by being more of what is possible within you.  The key ideas to plant inside your mind today are that you would do best to live with passion and follow your desires.   Yes I know desire in many belief systems is warned against so there must be something powerful about it. 

Desire from what I can see is inside of you for one reason and that is because you want to be more of what is possible.   Desire arises because innately you want to expand, to be more of, to seek to realize your potential.  Desire is in fact a driving force to be more of what you want to be.   

Passion is the heart telling you that this is what you love and this is what makes your heart sing.  Passion is a magnetic force drawing to you what you heart knows is right.  Doing life with passion will make you shine and inspire all those who get to watch you in action.  Passion also means you life is on purpose. 

When desire and passion work together they are powerful attractors and what they attract is more of you at a higher vibration.  You come alive when your head is wanting (desire) and your heart is expressing (passion).  You can’t help but expand when these energies are activated in you.  The other benefit of this dynamic duo is that when they are activated the ideas and dynamic flow causes very inspired results both internally and in the material world. 

Find what desires within are calling you and what passions are alive and seeking expression.