Where Does Our Inspiration Come From?

It was a long day at work yesterday with meeting and clients and I am feeling the energy to write ebbing but in the moment I want to see what inspiration and energy will be made available to me. Inspiration is an interesting thing because I don't know where it comes from most of the time.  Often times a word or idea will send this cascade of ideas flowing through my brain.  

Where this flow comes from must be a place beyond the ordinary mind, which is often overloaded or bogged down in the repetition of the same thoughts that seem on a never-ending noise loop. So much of what we ordinarily think about is the same stuff from the day before that goes way back to childhood.  It is like an LA Freeway of the same thoughts, going the same road, in a massive traffic jam that never ends except this flow of words is at high speed.  

Inspiration comes from some place else.  Is it my higher nature or the flow of spirit within me?  Is it my expanding awareness or the endless books I read?  Is it what I learn from my work, my peers, and my clients?  Is it the rich resource of podcasts, articles, DVD's and CD's that I explore?  Is it my intuition and what is the source of that?  Is the collective human consciousness that I have figured out how to tap into?  Is it past lives?  Is it the Creative Source of the Universe guiding me?  Maybe it is all of these or none of them?

My inspiration doesn't seem to be my personality, which feels like too limited of a container.  It also isn't my ego, which lacks the openness to let so much flow through me.  My heart could be source of inspiration as I talked about in yesterday's post but even that seems to be more energy than information.  

Where does your inspiration come from?  What opens you to higher ideas, to being uplifted?  If you want to be inspired where do you go or what do you do?

As I wrote this first draft last night I am still running on the inspiration of a round of golf that went until it was dark.  I guess that means physical activity can be inspirational.  I know when I got home my dog Pax was so happy to see me that inspired me and so too did my wife who was also happy that I was home.  

So maybe inspiration can come from much of life if you and I are open to receive it, if we are in a positive and receptive state?

Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation.

Eileen Caddy

Inspiration is God making contact with itself.

Ram Dass

Hope you have a fantastic, fruitful and fulfilling Friday.