Come On Now - Duped Again By The Brain Freeze Of Blind Beliefs

It is rant time and as you will see this is about those who have not been interested in expanding their capacities.   I am always provided with lots to talk about when it comes to my fellow human beings acting as if they disconnected from their clear thinking mind, lost touch with their higher values, and forgot to consult their heart.  Blindness to the truth is often caused by unexplored beliefs, hatred, fear, and calcified thinking.  As always the news is full of the actions of the bizarre and absurd located in the human brain.

The following news is headlining and if the mind is working as it is capable of then questions should be flying and people should be examining what the heck is going on:

Arizona has an odd belief that immigrants are causing terrible problems to their way of life.  I wonder what it would be like if all the immigrants walked off their jobs in Arizona.  I suspect commerce would come grinding to a halt.  If the truth was to be explored we might discover that some big trouble lies with the people who hire the illegal workers and take advantage of them.  The NBA Phoenix Suns are choosing to protest the state’s actions by having Los Suns on their uniforms.  Hate is never acceptable in any form and those that spread hate need to be ignored every time they speak.  Maybe it is time we boycott Arizona?

The oil spill is a disaster compliments of British Petroleum.  This heartless corporation will do its best to dance out of as much responsibility as it can.  They rationalize this behavior because they have one goal and that is profit making at any cost and environment, people, and future generations be damned.  This is the way of the oil industry and many other profit driven corporations.  Isn’t it time we say no to corporations and take back our country from the powers of unchecked greed? 

Just saw this - Rush L. thinks the oil mess was caused by our government to support the environmentalist and he said oil in the ocean is natural and it will clean up on its own.  Another example of idiocy that people believe.

Another very disturbed person tries to set off a bomb in New York City.  These people are run by narrow uninformed beliefs and the anger and hatred that goes along with closed minds and hearts.  They are our responsibility because we allow closed-minded ideas to be taught as if it is an inalienable right.  Then I saw two GOP US Senators were arguing that people on terrorist watch list have the inalienable right to purchase guns.  So purchasing guns and having closed minded hate are rights just as important as people being safe and receiving a true education?  Come on now isn’t it time we question those that are locked down in their thinking and despise everyone who thinks differently than they do?  Gun rights needs to be questioned and so do people who act like having a narrow mind is a religious experience.  

Then there is George Rekers a very prominent anti-guy activist and close friend of James Dobson.  He was caught traveling with male from an escort service who he claimed to be helping by having the young man carry his bags.  Mr. “I Bash Gays As A Good Christian” raises large sums of money by asking other people who hate gays to give to his organization, which most likely is tax exempt.  All anti-gay activists are hate driven and often suppressing their own desires.  Isn’t it time people grow up enough to have thoughtful points of view?  Maybe the closed mind is the easiest to dupe?  Come on people wake up and use you capacities instead of settling for ignorance. 

Sorry if this burns your eyelids a little.  But if you know someone, and we all do, who is asleep at the wheel invite them to have a conversation and kindly ask them questions and plan the seeds of discontent in their minds. 

Peace is only possible if we wake up.