Lessons From A Beaver - 21 Categories for Expansion in You


This is a fun story about some creatures who have greatly expanding their capacities.  This group of beaver has built such a large dam that it can be seen from a satellite.  The determination and focus of these beavers exists in you and I.  What major project does your life have waiting for you?   In thinking about expanding your capacities what areas would you like to focus on? Here are 21 categories that may fit for what you want to work on and some you may not have thought of:  

  1. Growing your sense of self, enhancing your self-esteem, finding self-love
  2. Exploring your creativity, expressing yourself in unique and creative ways
  3. Being the best parent you can be, breaking from old family patterns of parenting towards expanding capacities
  4. Exploring your career, doing work that feels good and meets your needs
  5. Living with a purpose, exploring what give your life meaning
  6. Opening to the abundant flow of the universe, welcoming more money, prosperity and wealth into your life
  7. Learning to love, expanding your capacities for love, compassion, kindness and caring
  8. Finding more joy in your life and what you do, making happiness a goal of living
  9. Following your bliss, being guided by what makes you feel alive, purposeful and joyous
  10. Seeking to know your spirit, finding your soul and expressing it
  11. Building healthy relationships, making the people around you important enough to know
  12. Getting more healthy, exploring diet, exercise, and what makes your body feel positive
  13. Learning to relax and be less stressed, finding the more effortless path
  14. Going with the flow of life downstream, leaving the struggle behind 
  15. Finding ways to forgive, let go, and release the past, searching for peace of mind
  16. Allowing yourself to play, let the inner child out and be more spontaneous
  17. Traveling and seeing more of the life and the world and other ways and cultures
  18. Tuning in more to your intuition, exploring your silence and your higher knowing
  19. Being more of an agent for change, getting active in making a difference
  20. Pursuing inspiration, taking risks, and living on the edge
  21. Expanding consciousness and awareness, awakening, and expressing the possibilities


These are all worth lifetimes of explorations.  Which ones call to you?  Yes some of these can easily be combined.  Next time let’s talk about where to start a path and about some practices worth exploring.


Peace Letter #91

Dear President Obama,

The Senate backed down from real reform in the corporate world.  This is no surprise but it is unacceptable because if no significant action is taken by our government then this fading democracy will become a plutocracy.  Mr. Rove already has a plan for that.  With the recent decision of the Supreme Court of unregulated funding by corporations, our elections will be bought and our elected officials will be owned by corporate interests.  This is where your leadership and influence must look after the needs of the people and future generations.

While you are upsetting all the big interests it is a perfect time to bring an end to war and start the nation toward permanent peace and energy independence.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact