Ten Best Ideas For Living a Good Life

Lately I was thinking about what I wanted to share with my clients about how to get the best out of life. Many have been traumatized and victimized by their childhood and this continued as an adult through their own self-abusive ways of drugs and alcohols.  I then thought well the basic are the basic for all of us.  So I decided to come up with the 10 basics for living a good life.  Here they are:


1.         Have a positive way of looking at life.  Positive isn't necessarily any more right than negative but it works 100% better at making your life more enjoyable.

2.         Take full responsibility for your life.  Give up all desires to blame and complain because they make you feel worse.  You are the creator of your experience of life and it is empowering to remember this.

3.         Become mindful or your thoughts and self-talk because your internal dialogue shapes how you feel about everything.  Eliminate all thoughts and self-talk that is critical and not supportive of you.

4.         Acknowledge and be respectful of all your feelings.  There are no good or bad feelings.  Feelings are just your responses to your way of thinking.  Feeling provide clear guidance - when you are feeling happy, open and alive, you are heading in the right direction.

5.         Make it part of each day to connect with your spirit.  This connection with your higher nature will allow yourself to be guided to your fullest expression as a human being.

6.         Keep on opening your heart.  You are here in this life to learn to love, to develop compassion for others and yourself, and to be a kind and giving person.  Kindness and giving always come back to enrich our lives.

7.         Care for your body and it will be a helpful partner on the journey of life. Caring for body means eating healthy, exercise, eliminate unhealthy habits, take time to relax and rest, and big doses of laughter on a regular basis.

8.         Seek inspiration in your life to uplift your thoughts, energize you actions, and bring your closer to the realization of your potential.  Keep your mind open to new ideas.  Read more, take classes and explore your interests.

9.         Tune in to your intuitive wisdom and you will always be guided to what is best for you.  Ignoring your intuition causes suffering.  Listening inward will provide you with the highest of human knowing.

10.         Live to be happy and joyous, to follow your bliss, to have purpose and to learn to flow effortless in the abundance of the universe.  


If you follow these 10 ways, your life will turn out to be a joyous journey.