Simplifying Life, Spring Cleaning The Past

Spring cleaning is something you might consider before the summer rolls around in the next week or so.  At so many levels we can get congested with the build up of the past.  This congestion can block our forward movement and keep us stuck in ways that can be frustrating.  If we find ourselves unable to move in a direction we want to go; if we find the flow of life waning; if we just don’t have much enthusiasm about living any more; or if things stay stuck no matter what we do, then it is time to do some serious spring cleaning is all areas of life.

Spring cleaning probably needs to take place in our bodies, in our minds, in our hearts, in our relationships, in our work life, in our homes, and even in our spiritual life.  A thorough cleansing in the following areas will make us feel much lighter and more open to the flow we have been searching for:

  • In our body we can carry the stuff of old memories, the holding patterns of adaption and tightness of disempowering experiences.  We can trust the feedback from the body.  If it says it is uptight or under functioning, then it is.  Finding the source of the holding, of the residuals of the past will allow us to be more aware of the choices we need to make to bring us to greater well-being. 
  • Our thoughts are too often jammed with: what should have been, blaming others and circumstances, the learned self-condemnation, and the hurry and worry of these times.  We often limit ourselves in multiple ways by our past conditioning and negative thinking.
  • Our hearts contain the scars of past hurts and too often a shield of protection to keep us safe.  If we can’t feel hurt or sadness we can’t feel love.  An open heart is vulnerable, vibrant and able to expand in compassion and kindness to self and others.
  • Our relationships contain closets full of unexpressed feelings and the resentments that go along with that.  It can be very healing to release all of the past and become present to those we love.  If we reside in the resentments of the past we miss out in the love of the present.
  • Our soul/spirit has gotten buried under layers of human beliefs that have little or nothing to do with our infinite nature. Religious beliefs can be barriers to a more direct experience of the divine.  Sitting quietly and entering into a relationship with our spirit will give us direct access to the creative force and source of the universe.
  • Our homes are cluttered with stuff.  Many have garages full of stuff and no room for the cars anymore.  Take a look around and give lots of stuff away.  There are many who can use what sits unused.  Clearing space opens us to a greater flow and that always feels good. 

There is no past except what we carry forward with our thoughts and our collected junk that we think we need to save.  Maybe it is time to let go and move on to what is possible when we are fully open?