Expanding Capacities Part 13 - Raising Your Personal Vibrations

If we are to expedite our evolution, expand our consciousness and express more fully what is possible within us, we need to vibrate at a higher level.  We can view ourselves as energy and information that hums along at the rate we need to function in ordinary life.  This vibration of living goes mostly unnoticed.  At night as we sleep our vibrational rate slows.  In times of high stress that rate may be disrupted.  If we want to expand what is possible in us and our life, we must vibrate at a level more reflective of a being less weighted down by the material nature of our body and the density of our thoughts.  This reminds of a quote that fits here: "Angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly."

Raising our vibrations will alter the way we experience ourselves and the way we interact with the world around us.  Try these following vibrational upgrades and see what happens:

Sit quietly, tune in and listen

Be fully present to the moment where the action is

Allow what you want to happen

Let go of the struggle and flow downstream

Feel what you feel and watch it transform

Let you heart open and encompass all beings on the planet

Breathe in deeply and notice the life force that flows through you

Make contact with your spiritual nature, your soul

Follow what brings you joy

Pray without ceasing in ways that uplift you

Sing mantras of divine devotions

Practice meditation daily

Learn from the lessons of life that are presented to you every day

Sit back relax and feel the force of aliveness within

Notice the higher pitched hum when you listen inward, ride it deeper

Let go of the past; release everything that has been holding you back

Sit in the presence of a highly evolved being and match their vibration

Explore sound and mind technology that is designed to alter your state

Let yourself be fully present to another

Find the core of your being and dissolve all limits that reside there

Explore the teachings of nature; sit and listen to the lessons of a stream

Read the brown section of Be Here Now or The Book of Secrets By Osho

Let yourself be drawn to great spiritual texts to read and study

Sit and listen to a crow and watch yourself expand beyond you normal states of seeing

Follow the guidance of your intuitive knowing

Imagine that you are in full alignment with the collective consciousness of the planet

Explore the realities that exist on the parallel plane to the one we live in

Walk slowly and mindfully until your sight expands and the colors around you become vivid

Feel what it feels like to join with all that surround you; explore unity consciousness

Play, have more fun and think of life as a comedy not a drama

Be fully present to whatever you are doing

Let the flow of inspiration flow through you and out into the world

Find the source of light within or around you and soak it up until you shine


If you truly explore these ideas you will be happily surprised by the results.  Please share any experiences you think will benefit us all.