What’s In Store For Our Future?

How should we think of the future?  I was listening to Barbara Marx Hubbard a futurist and fascinating thinker over at Sounds True about her thoughts about what the future has in store for us.  For over 40 years she has been in gazing into the crystal ball of science, of human behavior, of advancement in evolutionary theory and consciousness and she is both excited and concerned.

I have had the great privilege over the years of hearing her speak and being uplifted by her ideas of what is possible.  Like others who forecast what is to come, she shares the idea that there are two powerful forces out there evolving and bound to greatly affect what happens in the future.  The one force has the power of technology and the determination to control.  The other force is about expanding consciousness and the collective power of the heart and the soul.

The force wanting power is represented by mega corporations and heartless governments wanting to control all the resources.  This force is run by greed and cares little about the future and may even support those who warn of the coming apocalypse because it serves their “take it all now,” attitude.   The Earth only matters for how it can enrich them.  These are people more traditional in values and claim to be religious but more obligatory with little or no connection to their higher nature or heart.

Then there are those who can see the bigger picture, care about future generations, live by the values of compassion and consciousness and are always seeking to awaken more to what is possible within.  Yes this is you and I because that is why I write this blog and you stop by and read.  We are more spiritual than religious, more open than closed, more creative than compliant, and more aware than blaming.

If the power group continues to run government as they do now we the people will more and more loose out.  War will continue because there are profits to be made and land to grab.  The technology will be used to create more destructive power and to dominate.  Fear will be the dominator mindset and rationale.  These are not innately bad forces but the ego is king here and the goal is for the strong to rule.

Consciousness and compassion are two of the most powerful forces on the planet because they represent what most of us who are waking up feel inside as to what should be.  We know that all problems can be resolves by compassion towards each other and by us all moving towards a truly kinder and gentler world. 

Barbara and other forward thinkers understand that we all have much power.  Will our future be driven by those who want more power, or by those guided by compassion? 

Yes each of us does matter because where we align ourselves will greatly shape how things work out.  Please let’s all join together and awaken to the intuitive knowing of our hearts and the guiding spirit within us.  The time is now to stretch ourselves from ordinary to extraordinary and that won’t happen in the comfort zone of our lives.