The Quiet Power Of Kindness

If we are here as many say to learn to open our hearts, then kindness is one of the best ways to show what the heart can do.  These days kindness is rarely talked about and never shown on the evening news.  Can you imagine: The Kindness Network, a channel totally focused on showing the brighter side of human nature.  Wouldn’t it be inspirational and uplifting to watch television shows about people who are full of compassion, kindness and are guided by their heart’s wisdom?

Kindness is about people going beyond themselves and making a difference for others.  Kindness is love in action.  Kindness is the light of a person shining on another.  When we are involved in the act of kindness we are enriched by our own actions as well as those who benefit from our giving.  This is giving that comes from the place of love within us.

It seems the world would be a better place if there was more kindness, doesn’t it.  If we watch much of regular TV programming especially the news we would think kindness has lost out to the fearful, angry and the ever-judging mind.  Yes kindness does exist out there and it is quietly thriving in most communities.

Let’s spread some kindness in the world because it is needed and because we will feel our life is greatly enriched by doing so.  Make a commitment to be kind in some way every day.  Here are ways worth trying:

  • Get to know your neighbors and find out who needs help and would appreciate you checking in on them
  • If you know what your partner really dislikes doing, can you help he or she out at least once in awhile by relieving them of this duty.
  • Maybe there’s a co-worker that is having a difficult time and you can kind things to make their life go better
  • Everyone likes to be appreciated so take time each day to appreciate those around you
  • Sometimes the simplest act of kindness can be kind words and taking the time to check in with others.
  • Genuinely listening to another is a real act of kindness, to be heard can be so healing
  • Breathe in peace as you drive and breathe out a smile, become a kind driver for your own peace of mind
  • Give of your time to a Human Services agency because there are many who benefit greatly from you acts of compassion and kindness
  • Look around you throughout the day and be awake for opportunities to help others
  • Being patient with others is an act of kindness
  • If you are blessed with an abundance of resources than you can give money to causes that are all about kindndess
  • Sit quietly in the silence of your own knowing and be kind to yourself

Kindness is a wonderful practice that feels good on so many levels.  Have a good week.