Real Change Is Only For The Courageous

Do you have the courage to change?  The reason I ask this question is because change can be the biggest challenge in our life.  When facing change many back down and settle for what is or attempt a kind of superficial adjustment.  Real change means shifting from the familiar towards a new way of being.

Are any of these waiting to be changed in you:

  • Looking at how you limit yourself with your own thoughts
  • Noticing how you block your possibility for success by holding onto old beliefs
  • Seeing old patterns that don't work and continuing them 
  • Feeling the fears that limit you and not moving past these fears
  • Continuing relationships that are not nurturing and sometimes in fact hurtful to you
  • Remaining in a job in which you are burnt out and need to change
  • Stopped growing because you lack interest in new ideas and new ways of being in the world
  • Ignoring the low energy you feel about life
  • Trying to make things ok in your mind when they are not
  • Rationalize what doesn't feel ok inside, saying your feeling don't matter
  • Being too afraid to tell someone how much you care about them
  • Not leaving the past behind when it is destructive to your present life
  • Giving others power over your life because it is easier that battling them
  • Not saying no to things that are not working for you
  • Not saying yes to new adventures and new friendships
  • Closing your minds to new ideas
  • Living a life filled with blaming and complaining
  • Having a closed heart for any reason
  • Being unwilling to take necessary action because of self-doubt

What would you add to this list? 

Most of us can identify with bouts of self-doubt and getting stuck at times.  We are all imperfect and many of us have real areas where growth would be highly beneficial. 

How does deep and meaningful change really happen?  Here are 5 powerful ways that you can make change happen at a level that will leave you profoundly different.

1.  Get clear about what isn't working for you.  If you can't see your issues, ask those around you for feedback.  We have blind spots and others can see us more impartially.  Clarity helps bring about results.

2.  When you see how you are getting in your own way than you know change is necessary.  This awareness means you now have the choice to change.  Choice is an empowering step.

3.  Now that you see you have choice, begin to explore what your options are.  Your options are always more than this or that.  Come up with at least 5 other options to increase the potential for success.

4.  Then set up a plan of action and make a commitment to yourself to make the changes you desire.  This plan of action needs to be doable and measurable so you can see what is working and what is not.  A well thought out plan will bring out excellent results.

5.  Take action and see the results that occur.  If the results are excellent than you are on track.  If the old patterns remain as they are and you get the same mediocre results, then call for help.  Now days there are coaches and counselor available in your community and via phone, Skype and the Internet.  Change is easier and more effective sometimes with a support person/team who can lift you up and hold you accountable.

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