40 Ways To Keep Things Simple

Feel better about life by simplifying.  The world today is full of stuff, there is much to do, lots of stimulation out there, and the news will fill you with uneasy feelings.  It may be time to look at what you want to let into you and your life and what you want to keep out. 

Everything comes in through your senses, is interpreted by your mind and your feelings flow from there.  If the world around you is supportive and nurturing then you will feel positive and hopeful.  If you are filled with images of anger, fear and blame then you will feel upset, out of balance and uncertain.  What do you want to let into your life experience?

Here are 40 ways to keep things simple, more peaceful and actually more fulfilling:

  1. Spending time in nature has a soothing and claming affect
  2. Going for a relaxed walk can slow you do after a busy day
  3. Turning off the nightly news can eliminate many disturbing images
  4. Read books and watch programs that are uplifting
  5. Spend time in quiet contemplation exploring your higher nature
  6. Feed your soul and up your vibrations by developing and inner smile
  7. Spend less time seeking the approval of others
  8. Walk, ride a bike or take a bus to avoid the stress of traffic
  9. Take a yoga or tai chi class to experience your body in a new and relaxed way
  10. Start slowing down at night early enough so you can easily transition to sleep
  11. Eat food that is not too heavy and feels healthy, your body knows what is right
  12. Explore what simple pleasures make you feel the best
  13. Be kind to yourself and to others
  14. Notice when you tend to complicate things and choose and easier way
  15. Practice flowing downstream instead of always battling upstream
  16. Become a compassionate listening to others and to your own needs
  17. Listening to your intuition always makes life simpler
  18. Find music that is soothing and healing for you
  19. Have more fun by doing what feels good
  20. Have compassion for others and when you can, lend a hand
  21. Take a nap in the afternoon, it will relax, renew and re-energize you
  22. De-stress your day by setting realistic goals and avoid over committing your time
  23. Stop trying to be perfect because it isn't necessary
  24. Get a dog who will want affection and daily walks
  25. Have a quiet space in your home where you can get away from the noise
  26. Turn off talk radio and let your mind expand to greater ideas
  27. Stop blaming and complaining and start appreciating the gifts of your life
  28. Find some music you love to sing along with and do so often
  29. Spread love every day to your partner, family, co-workers and everywhere you go
  30. Think healthy thoughts and experience true well-being
  31. Imagine living a peaceful life and soon you will be living it
  32. Watch the inflow and outflow of your breath as a simple practice of meditation
  33. Learn about mindfulness and explore it each day
  34. Quiet the inner critic, everyday say, "I totally and completely love and accept myself"
  35. See life as a journey and appreciate each step along the way
  36. Spend your day in the now, that is where all the fun and opportunities reside
  37. When you put your head on your pillow take a moment to appreciate your life
  38. Leave you cell phone behind when you need some time to yourself
  39. Be less serious and spend more time laughing with friends
  40. Make each day the best day of your life by letting your light shine


Resources to explore:

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Learn about and explore tapping (EFT)

Sounds True (see ad to the right)

Libraries and bookstores are full of resources


Let me know how these work for you.