Your Life Is Your Message

I often wander through new and used bookstores in search of good reading and sometimes I get lucky.  At one of the used bookstores, I got a book and CD on Lucid Dreaming which I had been looking for, several books I like to hand out to clients and a small little book called Your Life Is Your Message by Eknath Easwaran.  This book will be an inspiration to my blog (as it is today as far as a title goes) because it is full of interesting short essays on variety of spiritual and personal development topics.  I also got a book I haveheard lots about on Shamanism called Awakening To The Spirit World by Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman with contributions by several people I know from graduate school.  It was a good day wander for inspirational reading.

Look around you and see what your message is to those who interact with you.  Is your message one of hope and possibilities?  Is it one of blaming and complaining?  Is it about fear of the future?  Is it about love and compassion for each other?  Is it about failure or success?  Is it about you not being enough or too much?  Is it about past, future or being present?  Is it about loving and compassion for others?  Is it about expanding capacities or playing it safe?  What is your inner message to yourself?  This inner message shapes your outer message.

It is my hope that these questions got you thinking about yourself and your life.  There are no good and bad lives.  There are lives in which we are ever expanding in our learning and consciousness, or lives stuck in the deep groove of sameness.   Sameness means playing it safe and growth means taking risks.

Look around you and see if you are taking risks or playing it safe?  Look around and see if people are alive around you or subdued?  Look inside and see if you are inspired and energized or depressed and numb?  Look around you and see if there is aliveness and growth or sameness and contraction.   

Take a week or so and do an objective survey of yourself and your interactions with those around you and see what you discover.   If you and those around you are alive then that is positive feedback.  If the energy of life is flat that is ok by there is probably a need for an upgrade of attitude, of emotions, of fitness, of purpose, of compassion and of connection with your higher nature.  All of these are totally workable so there is no need to worry.  A plan of action may be just what you need. 

Remember, your life is your message and the good news is the message can get better and better.