Expanding Capacities Part 14 – Opening To The Flow

Yes there is so much abundance in the world and if we feel we are not in the flow then it may be time to explore ways to expand.  It may also be time to let go of all that we do that isn’t working.   Flow is often a reflection of inner flow.  If we are open and present than things seem to flow better than if we are closed and distracted. 

The next step in our exploration of ways to expand our capacities is to look at flow as a feedback system.  If the flow is strong in whatever area we are focused on then that is clear feedback that we heading in the right direction.  If the flow is slow then it means time to change course, time to dump the old habits and ways that create the same inadequate results as they always have.  The following are five common barriers to flow and five openings for flow:

Five Barriers to Flow:

Self-Doubt – There is no greater barrier to flow than thinking we don’t deserve or are in some way not enough.  Those lack thoughts are always false thoughts.  We have forgotten our higher nature if we have those thoughts.  It is time to stop arguing for our limitations. We do deserve an abundant flow and we are more than enough.

Past Programming – The self-doubt above comes most often from past programming.  This limited programming mostly from our childhood only exist in our self-talk and thoughts because we carry the past with us.  Maybe it is time to release the past.  We can change the conditioned mind to be much more expansive.

Ignoring Inner Guidance – There is always the highest and wisest guidance within if we are willing to listen.  Ignoring the intuitive guidance inside causes us to not connect to the flow and regularly brings suffering into our lives.  Listening to your higher nature will set you free.

Thought Blocks – The mind is a powerful tool that can serve as a huge dam to the flow of the stream of life.  If the mind is closed there is no learning, with no learning there is always the same results.  Thoughts either expand us or contract us.  Expansive thoughts create expansive results.

Inaction – So much of flow is energy.  If we put no energy toward something we will got no results.  If we live in our thoughts and do nothing on the material plane then we often find ourselves stuck in blaming and complaining (both are deadly to flow).  Relaxed action opens flow.

Five Openings for Flow

Self-Belief – Each of us is so much more than we realize.  It is time for us all to step more fully into our higher nature.  Trust in our sense of what is right and good for us and all beings and go live it as fully as we can each day.  There is a light in all of us that shines brightly when we believe in what is possible in us.

Positive Programming – There has been programming in the past that has limited all of us so we need to change that.  You and I are the programmers of our mind.  Set the programmer code on positive, supportive and encouraging.  Shrink the inner critic to a distant whisper.  Believe in the positive possibilities awaiting all of us.

Intuitive and Purposeful – The intuitive wisdom we all have is a flawless guide to a wonderful flow in all of life.  Listen quietly and deeply throughout each day and the results will bring great joy.  There is a unique purpose in all of us and living that purpose will make our lives full of meaning and change the world at the same time.   Living intuitively and with purpose will expand what is possible in endless ways.

Open Mind and Heart – Open minds and hearts are such powerful forces that they can change the planet for the good.  Watch to see where the mind is willing to open more fully because that is an inner knowing that needs to be followed.  An open heart is a gift to all beings on the planet and has great healing possibilities.  Let our minds and hearts be open to the unlimited potential waiting to be expressed.

Mindful Action – Action for the sake of doing is not near as powerful as action with intention.  When we take purposeful action the universe aligns to assist the results.  All action done mindfully has the potential to activate a rich flow in easy and effortless ways.  The action of fully being present has no limits and endless possibilities.

If we take these ideas and explore and express them in our lives then everyone will be enriched.