Congratulations LA, You Are The Champions

It is late and I am I am writing my first edition of tomorrow's post.  Game seven just got over.  I must admit to being a Laker fan for many years.  Yes that was an awesome game with both teams playing with lots of heart.  Teams that have excellent players and good coaches are so much more interesting to watch.  The Lakers have possibly the best coach ever and one of the best players ever.  When I am a fan, I almost prefer large winning margins because then I don't have to remain anxious all game.  There however was no time to relax in this game.  After my gym workout I often shoot hoops as a way to reward my efforts, basketball has been a game I have enjoyed most of my life.  It all seems so silly to care about who wins because it is just a game that on the bigger picture really doesn't matter much but being a fan is not necessarily a rational point of view. 

Competition at its highest level can be expansive to consciousness and to expanding possibilities.  There is no question that when we are pushed we often rise to the occasion and perform at a higher level.  Do you find that to be true for you? Michael Murphy author of Golf In The Kingdom has written about the transformative aspect of sports of you want to explore this topic.

I know when I use to run distance races, I would have a little extra in my tank at a big race.  I seem to be able to go longer and stronger when I decided the race had meaning for me.  There was one time in San Francisco’s Presidio, I showed up for a race as part of trying to keep in shape while I worked my way through the challenges of graduate school.  I got out into the lead and my jets took off and I led the whole race and won and was high for a week after.  That was a fun time where competition brought out the best in me and positively shaped me in ways nothing else could. 

Now I am much older and much slower but the competitive self pops up in certain games or in play.  There is a winner in me and still part of me that dislikes losing.  That seems to be healthy as long as my ego isn’t too invested in winning.  Winning is fun but not essential because if I play well it all seems to be satisfying and enjoyable.

Were do you find yourself pushed in your life?  Is there a competitor in you?  What brings out the best in you?  What ways are you a winner in your life?

It is TGIF and the beginning of summer is just around the corner.  Have a good weekend and I hope you get a moment at least to feel like a winner soon.