The Importance Of Healing At A Deeper Level

Expanding capacities in you and I may be more possible when we bring healing into our body, into our thoughts and into our heart.  Healing of the old scars of childhood trauma that reside both in the fibers of our body and in the memories of our mind and heart can open us to fresh energy and new inner resources.  Healing of the accumulated struggles and disappoints of life is also needed.

There are many methods of healing across cultures that look at well being beyond the repairing of broken bones and disease.  We are much more than a mechanism that may be in need of some kind of repair.  We are systems of energy, collections of memories and thought, waves of vibration, interactive identities and streams of consciousness.  Medicine falls short of helping us with many of these imbalances and disharmonies. 

Taking the next step in exploring a higher expression of who you are and what is possible within may involve seeking out a person or practice that will liberate your containment of past memories, knots and tensions.  If there are stuck spots/holding patterns that your efforts have little or no effect on, then it is time to change strategies by seeking outside feedback, guidance and/or healing energies.  Change what isn't working and explore new strategies that may work. 

An example of exploring a technique to promote health change is: throughout the month of June I am using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) twice daily to work on releasing old patterns or blockages to a greater flow of abundance and opportunities in my life.  If the results show little or no effective changes than I will go looking for other ways to experiment with.  If the results are encouraging I will continue to explore EFT and other similar energetic responses. 

There are a large variety of resources for healing out there.  Here are a few that I can recommend as worth exploring:

Shamanic Practitioners - the indigenous peoples of the Americas have a rich tradition of healing.  Many in the US have become very adept at using these ancient ways to help people move forward in their healing in mind, body and heart.

Healing Sounds - there are some very interesting ideas being explored in the area of sound healings.  Recent research shows the natural sounds of a babbling brook; crashing waves along a coastline; the neighborhood choir of birds in early morning have the power to alter our state at a deep level.

The Guidance of a Mentor/Teacher/Coach - the blind spots we all have more easily drop away through the direction of an impartial witness to our process.  Old patterns are more easily seen by a keenly observing teacher/coach.  This teacher can invite us towards a life unencumbered by our old ways.  (I am available to coach and mentor others.)  In many of the Eastern traditions a teacher/guru is seen as an essential link to a greater source of wisdom beyond our ego-mind. 

The Ways of Martial Arts or Inner Practices - mediation, chi kung, yoga postures and martial arts practices have long been helpful ways to explore new and empowered ways of being in the world.  Exploring the depth of awareness made possible through contemplation and disciplined movements can be so enriching to a person's experience of living.

Energetic Healing Methods - there has been a number of healing methods developed both the West and the East including, Reiki, therapeutic touch, EFT, Cranial Sacral, Rolfing and other healing modalities. 

Silent Retreats and Vision Quests – these methods have long been used by seekers especially under the guidance of retreat master and other guides.  If we are able to face ourselves in the quiet of our own company and turn towards our fears we can leave lots of old baggage behind.

Counseling and Hypnotherapy – these methods have been very useful in helping with emotional well-being and cognitive processes.  There are numerous counseling methods with a cognitive approach and solution focused being methods I have worked with for many years and can highly recommend.  More recently I have worked with motivational interviewing as a counseling method that I really appreciate.   

This is a brief list and if you want a teacher, counselor or healer then the best way to find the right him or her is to trust the guidance of your quiet wisdom and one may show up just when you are ready to move to the next level of your well-being and higher expression.