10 Ways Towards The 10% Needed To Transform Humanity

It appears from my writing lately that I am concerned about the future of us and our planet.  Actually the planet will be just fine whether we figure out how to survive and/or thrive or not.  This post is sort of a part two from the Five Changes. . . post on Monday.  These are important times and you and I are important because we are here at this time of human history. 

If we are indeed an important part of what is to happen next, we must further tap into our ability to think beyond our ordinary mind.  These times of evolutionary potential are sped up by the worldwide access to each other provided by technology, the global threat of both weaponry and environmental degradation and the collective consciousness of all those wanting to be awake and aware. 

From my reading and exploration there seems to be some kind of critical mass of awakened individuals necessary to cause a major leap of consciousness on the planet.  This critical mass ranges from 1% to 5-10% to a majority according to different experts.  It is my sense from the studies that 1% of the people awakening to what is possible in them will influence and spread awakening in others.  If 10% of the people awaken to their higher nature and consciousness then this wave of influence will be unstoppable. 

10 Ways to raise the 10% needed to spread the highest consciousness across humanity.

  1. Become a student of consciousness by exploring ideas and doing practices help you awaken.
  2. Be careful to not let yourself be distracted by the numbing agents of our time: x-box and computer games, web, drugs, food, alcohol, political opinionating, entertainment, and pursuits of the ego.
  3. Do what you know is right for you and avoid being run by the need for approval of others.
  4. Step out of the comfort zone of your life, break from the habits  driving you, cause a stir; speak up for something you believe in.
  5. Every day tune inward and listen as if the world depends on your intuitive guidance because it does.
  6. Turn towards the issues and emotions that trigger you and grow bigger as a person who is no longer caught up in being right or in control.
  7. Do what you do with intention and focus, move in touch with your center, feel the power of your heart, and believe in yourself as a higher being inhabiting a human body all with a sense of humility.
  8. Look around you and sense what is needed, feel the flow of energy that is waiting for you to purposefully explore what it is only you can do to make a difference.
  9. Find the light and joy in your body, your eyes, your heart center and your soul and shine it everywhere you go
  10. Take time each day to find your inner peace, to find self-love, to find the inner wisdom and sit and fully accept and appreciate who you are and realize these qualities also exist in everyone else.

This is a lot to explore, a lifetime's worth most likely but there is no time to waste because the critical mass of potential for self destruction is already here.  If you are willing and able to make a commitment to wake up to be all that is possible inside, the forces of higher consciousness will come together in support of your journey.

Peace and intuitive guidance to you throughout your day.