Are We Expanding Or Resisting?

Today I am 21,996 days old (find out your day age here) and there is still so much life and consciousness to explore.  Do we ever stop learning? (Probably not)   Each day of our life is very precious and if we stay fully present to it, we will continually grow in awareness and wisdom.  This life long learning can take on a greater depth if we actively seek to be a more conscious human being. 

Consciousness means: we see ourselves beyond our own interests; we see our connection to each other and all living things; we can think beyond our judging mind; we recognize our relationship with nature and our planet; we think and act global for future generations; we have compassion for the suffering of others; we have a relationship with our higher nature/spirit; we know to follow the guidance of intuition; we respect our emotions and the wisdom of our heart; and more. 

There is lots of energy at this time on the planet of others who like us want to wake up to their own capacities and the potential of all of humanity.  These people and their ideas are nurturing for us to spend time with whenever we can.  Thankfully the web provides us with even more ways to connect with like-minded people and what they are exploring.

There are also powerful forces about control and power who resist change and prefer the status quo.  The old familiar ways are safer for those not seeking to be more aware and conscious.  Fear is a driving force for the rigid and unconscious often damaged by trauma or deep-seated beliefs and conditioning.  Those that fear the future often carry emotional damage of the past.  Closed hearts and minds are often by-products of hurt and suffering.  These are often the people that are drawn to rigid religious and political beliefs.  They can be the forces that hold back needed change as they judge most things wrong and the past as a safer bet.  

So the forces for change and the forces for the status quo both exist and often with some degree of tension.  This tension comes from the natural desire to evolve and move forward and the cautiousness of those who live in fear and blame.  Neither force is good or bad, one wants to move forward, the other struggles with what is and has doubts about what can be. 

There is recognition of a Global Mind these days.  This Mind is the ever-expanding connection of cell phones and Internet and the inclusive and higher thinking that comes from the awareness of us all sharing this planet together.  This global mind is a driving force forward. 

The ways of the past, traditional religion, politics in general, and those controlling most of the resources want to keep things as they are.  They use the global mind for profit but not to further realize their connection to all others.  This narrow mind of the familiar is a force for things to remain as they are now with those in power retaining and enriching what they have.  Many people who are not part of those in power and benefit little from them still are in support because they are run by fear.  Their fear says those in power will keep things from going out of control.  So the status quo seems better than the risks involved in change.

I realized I am throwing a lot of ideas at you.  This is because I am sorting this out as I write.  I have no answers, just lots of questions.  There are so many questions to ask about the world and the times we are in.  Where are we as humanity heading? 

Speaking of asking questions, I watched  a movie titled Loose Change  a film asking what really happened on September 11th.  It really shakes up the story we have been told about that day.

I have also been listening to the ideas of Peter Russell and Dr Ervin Laszlo both have lots of ideas about consciousness, our planet and where we as humanity are heading.  Check them out at Sounds True, Insights At The Edge, see ad to the right.