Five Inside Changes To Change the Outside World

It was a rainy weekend in Boulder and I found myself restless about where I was going and what I was doing with my life.  My blog and my relationship with my wife are the two things that feel right and full of life.  Everything else feels like it may be time for a shakeup, for new opportunities for learning and expanding consciousness.  I also have been spending too much time reading about politics and that always gets me feeling like, what can I do to make more of a difference? 

So I decided to look at what each of us could do since I obviously can’t change the world alone.  Here are my five ways to change inside to change the world:

First is to take the time to be fully present in your life; live in the now where everything that matters is happening.  Yes the planning for the future is ok for a short time each day.  Hanging out in the past through your thoughts is mostly a waste of time and you miss out on what is going on in the moment.  Now is where all the opportunities and possibilities reside.  Your mind and emotions can take you forward into the future and back into the past if you are not present to how you feel and what you think.  Being present means you have access to the intuitive knowing of the now.  People present to the world are empowered to make a difference.

Second is to have an open mind.  Closed minds are like parachutes that won’t open, useless and deadly.  An open mind is free to understand, free to be accepting, free to continually learn, free to expand and change, free to be creative, free to be inspired and more.  All beliefs, points of view, and political positions are simply thoughts and nothing more.  An open mind watches thoughts impartially and is not run by a need to judge everything as good or bad.  An open mind has the ability to be flexible, fluid and adaptable.  Open minds have no limits.  If the world was full of open minds there would be no problems.

Third is to have an open heart.  An open heart guides you to love, to have compassion, to be kind and caring.  You are here to love to the best of your ability.  A great place to start with an open heart is towards yourself.  If you are able to love and accept yourself, you can genuinely love and accept others.  Self-confidence and self-esteem come from self-love, which are all essential for you to feel ok about yourself and to have the courage to make a difference.  The love within you and the rest of us is unlimited so we can love everyone.  Compassion is love and understanding which is so needed in the world today.  Love has the capacity to resolve all the troubles of the planet.

Fourth is to explore your unique purpose.  You and only you have your purpose.  No one can do what you are here to do.  Your purpose will become clear to you by tuning in and paying attention to what gives your life meaning, what makes you feel alive, what gives you energy, and what intuitively feels you are here to do.  If you express your purpose to the best of your ability the world will be a better place; if you don’t everyone of us will loose out.  If you set your intension every day to live on purpose, your light will shine bright.  The world needs everyone living their purpose as fully as we all can.

Fifth is to realize your spiritual nature.  You are human but actually more truly spiritual.  Who you were before this body came along and after it passes is your spiritual nature.  Your spiritual nature is one with The Guiding Spirit of the Universe.  Your higher nature has no limits and can create the world you know is right for you.  As you quiet and tune inward and explore your spirit within, you set yourself on a journey of awakening to what is possible for you in this life.  Meditation, quiet contemplation, prayer and many other practices are ways to enter into a relationship with your spiritual self.  If you open to a life guided by spirit it will be extraordinary.   Imagine a world in which you and I were tuned into our spiritual nature, that light would change the world for the good.