Compassionate Listening Is An Act Of The Highest Love.

Just had a friend of my wife’s over for dinner because she called and was having a bad day.  She needed some support.  It is amazing how much a supportive conversation around a meal can help sort out difficult times.  Having people we can count on for support and encouragement is an incredible blessing.  She left feeling much better and so did we because we were able to give. 

Where do you get support when you need it?  Who can you count on when you are having a bad day?  Do you have people in your life who can be there for you in a non-judgmental and encouraging way? 

Some people are always willing to give advice, this is not the kind of support that most of us need.  Advice giving is a poor substitute for listening compassionately to someone in need.  Listening with compassion means as a listener we drop our own agenda and listen with an intention to understand what the feeling, thoughts and concerns are of the person talking.  Compassionate listening is about them and what they need and not about us.  In giving this way we are uplifted.

Supporting and encouraging another always feels good inside because at some level we know this is the right way to interact.  Our heart tells us that kindness and caring for another is such a positive thing to do for them as well as for us.  

The law of karma/ the golden rule is so clearly in evidence when we act with compassion towards others.  When we give to another person we immediately enrich our own experience of life.  What we put out in the way of giving often comes back to us in the next moment.  Actions from the heart usually produces uplifting feelings inside.

When our life is going through a rough spot, focus on spreading kindness, caring and compassion and see how it changes our experience.  The giving of love produces a return of love. 

Today look around and see where we can spread some love and we will feel better for it.