More On Questioning And Observing Your Thoughts

"Each thought, each action in the sunlight of awareness becomes sacred. In this light, no boundaries exist between the sacred and the profane."  Thich Nhat Hahn from his wonderful book on mindfulness called Peace Is Every Step

I came upon this quote after posting my blog yesterday and my first thought "oh no!" this flies in the face of yesterday's post. In truth in the light of awareness everything becomes sacred.  So each thought we have if watched in the present (the only place it can be observed objectively) can bring us into a deeper knowing. This knowing takes place in the higher mind because that is where the light inside resides.  

How do you know if your higher mind is where your thoughts are coming from or if they are coming from your ego mind?  Here are some indicators:



You need to be right

You feel the desire to be in control

Your are filled with judgment towards self and others

You are closed to those who think differently

You are sure another is wrong and you are right

You are concerned about looking good (Not just in looks)

You feel the need to have the approval of others

You want to win no matter what

You like showing others they were wrong

You see yourself rationalizing behaviors you know are unacceptable

You lack compassion for the suffering of others

Your mind is focused on blaming and complaining

Your mind is filled with fear, anger and distrust

You put more belief is the rational mind than in your heart and intuition

You actually believe all your thoughts as if they are real


Higher Mind

You are open to differing points of view

You feel compassion and caring for all beings

You realize your work is to serve others

You have developed humility

You find yourself accepting of others and their differences

You seek awareness and value lifelong growth

You don't feel the need to judge others

You living in accordance to your higher values

You have the ability to find peace within

You realize that happiness comes from inside

You seek to make contact with your spiritual nature

You respect your body and take care of it

You embrace your emotions as valuable feedback

You are able to relax the mind and listen inward

You trust your intuition and are guided by it

You know life is always about further growth and awareness

You seek to become more conscious

You understand that your thoughts are not real and should be questions

You allow the joy of who you are to come out fully into your life

You welcome the light by living in the moment

I hope you find these examples helpful.  Now continue the experiment of either questioning all of thoughts or impartially observe them in the light of awareness.  The more you are mindful of what is going on inside the more you will effect the outside world.