Imagine A Better World For All Of Us Is Possible

It was Sunday evening when I sat down to write my first draft of the post for today.  Sunday evenings are a mix of taking it easy and feeling like I am not quite ready to get back to work.  The World Cup match was on yesterday but I passed on watching it because soccer is not my idea of a fun spectator sport.  Nice job Spain.  Soccer does seem to bring together the world for this event.  Anytime we come together there is an opportunity to see how close we all are to each other.

People are people and nationality is totally overrated.  Boundaries between countries are only the stuff of thinking and in reality do no exist.  Remember the first pictures from the space program and how the astronauts were impacted looking back at the Earth.  There are no boundaries that separate us from each other. 

Yes there are people of differing colors and beliefs but those don’t matter unless you have a closed mind.  With an open mind and heart we can all freely let everyone into our global family.  Yes we are citizens of Earth and that is what matters the most.  Taking care of our planet is a much more important priority that have power over others because they live in a different geographic locations than we do. 

Imagine an enlightened world of acceptance and compassion where we work together for the good of our planet.  Imagine a place where we appreciate the differences of each other because it enriches us as our blue gem of a planet floats across a galaxy called the Milky Way.  Imagine a place where opinion becomes secondary to truth and news is about people in there search for meaning and purpose.  Imagine a place where the ego shrinks into the background and instead our higher nature guides us all.  Imagine a planet full of people who have nice homes, all the food they need, life-long education, free/low-cost healthcare for everyone, the financial resources to meet their needs and no longer the dictatorship of corporations and organizations that enslave us for 40 hr work week.  

Yes a better world is possible and it seems to be up to us to make that happen. The status quo will continue to dominate until you and I change it.