7 Steps You Can Take For Peace

Today while wondering about the web I found out there is a World Peace Festival in Berlin in August 2011 and I got excited.  My wife and I need to go to this because peace to us is one of the most, if not the most important issue of our time. 

Without wars our economies would not be pouring billions of dollars into weapons and waging war.  We could use that money for health care, for schools, for treatment for mental health and addictions issues, to develop alternative energy, for research to end heart disease, cancer and all the other illnesses.  Money spent for peace has a very good return on investments.

I want to be a presenter at the conference and talked about using mindfulness, expanding compassion, raising consciousness and exploring our deep connections to each other as the genuine way to bring peace to the world.   This idea of this conference and presenting has got me even more motivated about ways to bring peace to the planet. 

Would you please join me in your own way and work for peace? 

Here are 7 things you can do starting today to work for peace:

  1. Find your way to peace inside.  When you are hard on yourself and critical, you are at war with yourself.  Instead make sure all your self-talk and thoughts are supportive, encouraging and inspirational.  Accept and appreciate yourself.
  2. Stop all criticism of others.  There is no need to be the judge and jury of others.  Instead look to find understanding and acceptance of others and the way they are.  Kindness works 100% better than judgment and criticism.
  3. Respect every emotion within you.  There are no good or bad emotions.  When you allow yourself to feel what you feel, those feelings soon turn to other feelings and soon you will feel comfortable in your own skin.  Emotions tell you when to make adjustments to your life.  If you feel stuck, it is time to making adjustments.
  4. Live each day fully present to the gift of your life.  In the now of your life every positive outcome is present waiting for you.  Today and in this moment is rich with time to: appreciate each breath, those around you, and the beauty of your own true nature.
  5. Take time each day to learn and grow.  Learn about yourself and explore what has meaning and purpose to you.  Personal growth is always uplifting. As you grow you become a more conscious human being and a brighter light for the world.  More consciousness equals more peace inside and on the planet.
  6. Open your heart to everyone.  Compassion is the healing energy of the planet.  With compassion, kindness, caring and love as the guide forces peace is inevitable.  Start with self-love, spread love to your family and friends, then to your community, across your nation, and eventually surround the planet with your compassion and love. 
  7. Build health relationships with everyone you interact with as you live your life.  The more you and I connect to each other, the more we see how much alike we are.  In that connection you will see that we all share important values and hopes.  Explore connections to each other is a way to build peace for all. 


Peace to you.