Media Coverage That Would Matter

Thank God this Lebron thing is over.  I am a basketball fan but this has been a media circus of little value.  Wow the media sure knows how to pump up things about sports and entertainment.  It is equally good at staying away from what matters like peaceful people, the compassionate actions of others, the awakening of consciousness, ways to well-being for all and other important issues.

Will you imagine with me media coverage that mattered.  What would it be like if the peaceful and caring acts of people got this kind of media coverage so we all can be uplifted by seeing someone who really makes a difference: 

Imagine a well promoted ongoing series about people who make the world a better place through compassionate action. 

Imagine making heroes out of ordinary people doing truly extraordinary acts of caring and kindness. 

Imagine stories about people expanding their awareness and consciousness in ways that uplift us all and their stories get shown as important news that matters.  

Imagine if the healing techniques and practices for optimal health were made available to everyone on the planet through daily programming.

Imagine a world were the people who really cared about each other were highlighted and given great respect worldwide.

Imagine a monthly special about people who where exceptionally good at giving in their communities.

Imagine stories about people who worked to correct the wrongs in the world in a way that showed a big heart and the inspiration of their higher nature.

Imagine there could be the Lebron of social activism, of water preservation, of planetary protection, of fair wealth redistribution, of healthcare for all and many other causes.

Imagine people sharing their stories about profound spiritual experiences free of any religious dogma.

Are we ready for this positive people and positive results kind of media?  Is there enough drama in hearing about the good in people, about the power of the human heart, about what we humans are capable of realizing?  Of course there is because all of us can be touched in the heart and uplifted in spirit.

Have a good weekend and don’t forget to enjoy the blessing of each moment.