A Life Filled With Passion

A close friend of my wife and I sent a note on Facebook and asked about finding passion and my fingers jumped into action from the wisdom of my heart and my intuition.  This is what I wrote and it comes from the creative flow of passion in me.

Finding your passion is a process of being more conscious and aware of who you are at a deeper level.  It comes when you learn to listen inward, follow the guidance of your intuition, pay attention to what makes you feel alive and listen to the wisdom of your heart.  These ideas although they may seem trite are not.

Passion is only known from a search inward.  You have a specific passion/purpose that is unique to you and only you.  There inside the quiet moments of your life resides the beauty of your uniqueness.  Take time each day to listen inward, which can be in the shower, driving to work in the quiet of your car, a walk under the stars.  Often the inspiration comes not from you planning to find it but from the moment-to-moment awareness of being fully present in your own life.”

As I reread this I thought I wanted to share this here at my blog.  Passion is the juice of life that flows when we are in alignment with our higher nature, our soul’s journey.  To live with passion is to go fully into life with the intention of doing so with lots of energy, attention to intention and a big dose of fun.

If you lack passion then take the time to find it: beyond the busy mind; deeper into the flow of the heart; and expanding aliveness that comes from doing what you clearly desire to do.  This is desire is beyond right or wrong because it exists as your expression of you which is only magnificence waiting to be expressed. 

Peace and Passion is waiting for you.