You Don’t Have To Feel Stuck; 40 Ways To Create Movement And Growth

It is often the simple things we don't think of when we get stuck.  Stuck means low energy and it sometimes feels like a brain freeze where we can't think of any options.  The truth is if you are not growing, moving upward in some way, you have flattened out and are most like heading downward.  Growth is essential to a positive sense of self.  Sometimes you need structure; other times you need free time.  You create your own experience of life by what you think and how you go through your day.  The same activities day after day numb you and life can feel really unsatisfying. Today do something different.

The following is a list of 40 uncomplicated things to do to promote growth and to get the life force flowing in you:

Let yourself be guided by the wisdom of your heart

Find ways to more fully love and accept yourself

Appreciate the beauty around you both natural and designed

Be in the moment as fully as you can

Tune into some aspect of nature (stream, birds, trees, breeze, sunset, etc)

Get physical, workout, stretch, build strength and endurance

Go in search of art to enjoy and appreciate

Visit the library, get a card and check out books, CD, DVD's

Be active in a support group or social network

Build relationships with positive and encouraging friends

Go for a vigorous walk or a slow meditative one

Get a bike and enjoy cruising around your town

Seek out fun activities that you have been meaning to do

Volunteer for an organization you believe in

Become a big brother, big sister for a young person

Get a pet and care for it, it will keep giving back

Take time to be quiet and open to your inner wisdom

Pick up a journal and write to express who you are, no editing

Read about and explore self-hypnosis

Have a day of silence to enjoy being with self

Set an appointment for a relaxing massage

Take a class or study an area of interest

Learn a new language

Reach out to people in need

Have a day of appreciation each week and count your blessings

Stop by an art and craft store, pick up supplies and explore creativity

Learn to relax, take a nap, and feel rested

Slow down from the hurry, worry world and smell the roses

Visit your local bookstore, there is so much their waiting to be discovered

Explore your spiritual nature in ways that are nurturing to you

Learn to meditate to give you busy mind a break

Study a martial art, tai chi, or yoga

Explore other cultures, foods, and viewpoints

Find time to play, do something just because it makes you feel happy

Make it your goal to spread some happiness each day

Figure out a more effortless way of doing things that feel like a struggle

Find your unique purpose, what feels meaningful and express it with passion

Look into nutrition so you can eat in ways that increase your health

Investigate ways to create passive streams of income

Read biographies of those who inspire you

Experiment with how you can have more freedom in your life

Find a mentor who can challenge and expand you

What would add to this list?  Which ones are you doing already?  Which ideas appeal to you? Which ones are you willing to explore in depth? Growth and expansive movement always feel positive and uplifting even when they can be difficult at times.  You can make each day feel better if you commit to keeping active and open.  There are endless new ways to explore and enjoy.