Our Inner Battle For Supremacy – Ego vs. Self

The reason we have blind spots is the powerful influence of the human ego.  The ego is not something we could locate as a physical presence in our body.  The ego is a concept but no less real.  Egos are about survival, fear and control and can be represented as the "self."  We also have a higher nature known as the "Self."  Blind spots come about because the small self/ego is running us and the large Self is push out of our awareness. The loss of Self due to the dominance of the ego is something the ego does not want us to notice.  Many have little or no sense of their higher nature because the ego is running their command central (the mind).

The problem with not having our Self to guide us is that we spend too much time each day in fear, distant from our emotional state, unaware of our expanded nature and possibilities, stuck in what is familiar, and spinning in self-judgment.  An active Self is tuned in and aware to out thoughts, our emotions, our heart and intuition and our body and its sensations.  This makes us conscious human beings able to express our expanded nature. 

When the ego rides herd over us our minds become like the nightly news full of chaos and fear.  When the Self guides we can be quiet inside, centered, in balance and at peace.  The ego go gets us worried and in a hurry.  The Self brings us present to enjoy what the moment has to offer.  The ego loves habits, predictability, the familiar and the past or future.  The Self flows with what is in the now towards compassion, insight and appreciation.  The ego is not bad it is just doing its thing programmed by our conditioning.  The Self is not limited by past and has the ability to create any reality it puts its attention towards.

Signs of ego: need to impress, be in control, fearful, anger, self-doubt, low energy, contraction and tension.

Signs of the Self: feeling alive, free, energized, creative, loving, aware, hopeful conscious and at peace.

Take time each day to assess which aspect of self or Self is running you?  You can move past ego if you recognize its nature.  Once you sense ego take some time to send love its way and soon your higher Self will be guiding you. 

After my first draft last night of this post I went for my nightly walk and had a very interesting insight about my ego and will power.  I recognized that my will was showing up in all my visualizations, affirmations, and self-hypnosis etc.  I was trying to make things happen through my will, which is my ego at a more subtle level.  My will was determined to keep on working its practices to make what I want come into my life.  This is ego at work and the reason my willful intentions were creating only marginal results. 

There is a much great force in the universe that is infinite in its capacity to manifest.  I now more clearly realize I need to just be open to that Force (God, Great Spirit, Divine Mother, Source, Infinite Supply or whatever name you or I are comfortable using).  Prayer and meditation are simple ways to make contact with that Source, but I also realized I have to make sure my ego/will is not involved.  I can pray and meditate without will and ego and instead do it from a point of just being open.  It seems to me in my deeper awareness that being open is the key and that includes being free from my inner efforts of will.  I now open to the effortless flow of the abundant universe today and relax into the grace that can flow my way.   This will be a fun experiment.