Moving Beyond One’s Present Understanding Of Self

The insight I wrote about yesterday has provided a key understanding.  Now I must figure out how to integrate this expanded consciousness into my life.  My will-driven practices have to change so they reflect my new awareness.  How I am going to do that is yet very unclear.  I have presently dropped all my regular practices except my walking meditation.  Walking meditation and meditation in general is not driven by ego because it is about tuning in, listening and in general observing our inner processes.  An ego’s ways are often seen in meditation. 

This is not to say meditation is never about ego and will because there are those who prideful share with others their practices.  Without humility most any practice can be used to try to impress others.  The difference about meditation is that with a deepening there is more a disconnection from the self/ego.  The ego moves into the background of a person who has less sense of identity with self and more an understanding of his or her connection to all beings.  There is more of a “we” than “me” sense of the world.

If I don’t have practices of “will” trying to make things happen in my life than what kinds of practices do I do.  That “will” driven way has been much of my adult life.  “Will” seems like me so who am I free of my will’s intention?  Beyond my will and supportive thought patterns is myself more truly as my essence. 

As I write this in the moment what I am aware is my heart, my body and my thoughts which are not who I am.  The heart center in me is closer to my ultimate nature but beyond that is my spirit.  Spirit to me is who I was before the birth of my will and who I will be after I exit my body.  Spirit is light, love and the infinite connection to the Source.   If I am in the world in touch with my heart and guided by my Higher Self/Spirit then I will interact with who I am and the world from a much different perspective than ego-mind/will.  How this evolved viewpoint will reshape me is what makes life interesting because there is much mystery and exciting potential in waiting. 

I will share more as I know more.  Join me and let’s go explore who we are beyond the limits of our bodies, our thoughts, our conditioning, our past and our beliefs.  It will be transformative journey.