We Need Wisdom In Charge

"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts."  Bertrand Russell

This quote from Bertrand Russell says so much about our political system that I had to write a post about it.  The fools and fanatics are those who are so sure they know what is right and they insist that their system of government, economic, commerce, religion etc is right and that people who disagree are wrong and not worth the time for a conversation. 

Look at politics and you have those who lust for power and need more money for more power.  What is good for the people is long lost because they can’t compete with the influence money.  Then there is the arrogance of being so sure that you are right, which means you are invested in being right.  A wise politician would be called weak and a flip-flopper because in their search for the truth they would change their minds and not be so certain.  The fanatics want to pay no taxes and end government and they would leave us all in chaos to hold onto more money.

Look at the talking heads who spin mistruths and their own delusions to meet their needs.   Opinion is not about truth seeking, it is about being right.  Talk radio is full of opinion and rarely truth.  The wise ones ignore the opinionaters because it is clear there is still much to be learned about what is best for us all. The fools attack in arrogance and say “no” to change.

Look at the kings of commerce and their millions for pay who only care about profits.  They seem to lack higher values, which would only get in the way of their greed.  Companies in almost every industry use the planet to make money while draining it and destroying it.  The wisdom is about sustainability, ongoing learning and finding better ways.  The fanatics want no regulations and no safety net for those without.

Look at the economic theorists who use their plans to create the best results for those who have the most influence   The U.S. form of capitalism only works for the minority of people with the majority of money.  Free trade is for those with the most resources not for the working people.  The wise know there are no perfect systems so ongoing exploration and understanding is needed.  The fools claim their system works best and throw empty ideology at their opponents.

Look at the religions who claim to be the only true ones are blinded by their beliefs.  Those that question their authority are banned from participating.  They claim God as their own so it has to be a made up God of their imagination.  Most religion is not about a personal relationship with a God but more about a huge corporation attempting to control their flock (as in sheep).  The truth is that there is no right religion and that the wise find their own relationship with spirit.  The holy fools act superior but fall way short of a deeper knowing.

Maybe it is time we all step back and question our thoughts and beliefs so that together we can find a greater knowing and a higher expression of humanity.  The mess created by the foolish experts has left much for us to clean up.