Still Active In Learning About Life

On my run yesterday morning, I was thinking about what forces in me and in the universe cause the results in our lives.  There are many theories and beliefs about manifesting, opening to abundance, and being receptive to flow.   It seems I have tried all of them with no clear conclusions.  That got me wondering how come people get results by following their beliefs in prayer, in visualization, in affirmations, in rituals etc.?  Could it be that whatever our beliefs are, they all work if we do what we believe in?  How much do we have to believe in something to make it work? 

These questions brought up more questions.  Is it a trusting belief or a willing belief that makes things happen?  By trusting I mean trusting that a greater force is hearing what we need and helping us.  Willing means that our force of intention makes things happen.  Maybe it is a combination of both?  For the last 30 years or more I have been exploring these questions in some form or another.  I am still unsure what the truth is but I am leaning toward the trusting of the universe with a dose of clear positive intention.

These questions are up for me because I have some projects in mind that need funding to move them forward and that funding has been slow in coming.  I have been trying the willing process for a long time with only marginal success.  As I look out across my city and imagine looking out across the planet and out into the universe, I know there is no lack of abundance, resources, possibilities and potentials.  How do I as a person make a better connection to the infinite source of supply?  As I contemplate this connection I think a couple of things.  If I figure out how to live more fully in my higher/spiritual nature do I have more access to what is possible or does that presence merely open a channel to the flow, which I now need to learn to turn on?

Is all this wanting, my ego at work pretending and saying I am just trying to be open?  That is a thought twisting possibility but in my heart’s intention I want to move beyond the wants of my ego towards the desires of my true nature to be more fully expressed.  This seeking to understand and better express my potential feels like a lot of work sometimes. 

My goal is to be open, to further express my purpose of working for peace through the expansion of consciousness.  My own consciousness needs to keep on growing and stretching towards more of what is possible in me.  I feel drawn to expand my efforts, to open my heart more, and to deepen my alignment with my spirit.  These is my latest ideas about will make flow happen.  Making my life an experiment in what works and what works better keeps things interesting. 

As you can see by what I have written here there is still much to be explored.  I would appreciate your perspective on these ideas.

Reading this quote I thought there is still more to learn.

"It is a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it." 

W. Somerset Maugham