Act As If

"I will act AS IF what I do makes a difference." William James

This is the third quote I came upon in the last few days that have inspired my writing.  It is tied to my quest for making a difference in the world both personally and in hopes of inspiring others to leave the world a better place.   Act as if,” is a very powerful mind and heart set that has the ability to cause real shifts to take place.

Act as if,” sets the mind into gear in the form of intention and attention.  Intention to do what will make a difference as defined by you and I and our thoughts.  These thoughts when aligned with purpose and attention create results.  The mind is a very powerful agent of manifesting, of bringing ideas into substance.  Focused and attentive minds with clear intentions have been the authors of almost all human change. 

Act as if,” is an act of a courageous heart.  Courage is needed stepping into the unknown and demands of us a trusting in self and the universe.  The brilliance of the heart is because it is full of energy in motion (emotion) and a passion for living.  The emotional charge we all carry is waiting for us to direct it.  To change the world the heart’s wisdom and energy are needed.  Heart wisdom is based on compassion, which is the combination of love and understanding.  A compassion heart changes all who encounter it.

When we bring together intentional acts with compassionate doing the universal forces align with us to produce powerful results.   Think Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and other peaceful social change agents.

Take some time, but not too long, to listen inward and find out at your deepest level what difference you want to make.  This is not an ego driven difference because if it were your attention will be outwardly focused on approval.  Instead this difference needs to come from clarity of thoughts and the wisdom of your heart with a big dose of the consciousness of your spirit. 

You have not yet begun to understand the innate power you have to bring about positive changes in you, in your community, for your nation and for the planet.  When all the forces for good come together within you the light will be a beacon for those waiting for an invitation to expand into what is possible in them. 

Your unique contribution is needed today more than any other time in history.  Bloom and help end the gloom caused by narrow and fearful hearts and minds.