60 Ways To Bring Peace To The World – Part One

    Peace, in the times we live in, can seem a long ways a way but you and I can do something about that.  Yes you, if you believe you can, then results will follow.  In my writing for this I let the intuitive knowing guide me towards ways we can have the most affect on the world.  The ideas seem to flow effortlessly and so I came up with so many that I need to turn this into a two part series.  The following are 30 ideas to help make the world a more peaceful place.  Tomorrow I will present 30 more ways.  Please take the time to explore these peaceful ways and integrate the ones you connect with into the way you live your life.

    1. World peace begins inside of you by finding your way to inner peace and spreading that peace out into the world. 
    2. Let your mind ponder what will bring peace to the world.  Your mind will have many ideas but my heart is a better guide.
    3. If you walk peaceful through you day, you spread peace just by the act of walking with awareness.
    4. Your emotions can be very energizing but by turning towards them in a spirit of acceptance you will soon move into more calming waters.
    5.  Feel what you feel, let go of what needs to be released and then bask in peace.
    6. The busy mind is always noisy, slow it down by being mindful and without judging, as the judgment drops away so will the feelings of disharmony.
    7. Slow down and let your body come to rest once in a while, sit and feel the peace of being present.
    8. Find peace today by shrinking your inner critic and instead having positive and supportive self-talk. 
    9. Listen to you heart and love more freely; loving makes you feel most alive.
    10. Pay attention to your feelings, make sure you are doing ok; they are always guiding you towards a more peaceful life.
    11. Spend time in the calmness of nature, feel the peace in the now of the natural world.
    12. Take a nap and dream about being peaceful and enjoy the feelings when you wake up.
    13. Always pay close attention to your intuition and act accordingly and you will know peace in many ways.
    14. Be more playful, do more fun things and laugh often, let children show you the way.
    15. Express yourself creatively as a way to find joy, aliveness, passion and peace.
    16. Thich Nhat Hahn is great teacher of peace, “breath in peace and breathe out a smile.”
    17. Sing songs that uplift you, listen to inspirational music and sense the body’s harmonic response.
    18. Find where there is Dances For Universal Peace in your community and go join in the fun.
    19. Go for quiet and relaxing walks, walking meditation is even more peaceful.
    20. Listen to the birds sing, the sounds of a stream or the wind and in that appreciation of the now there can be peace.
    21. Feel gratitude for all you have and in each moment
    22. Expand your breathing and feel how alive you are, your breath is your life force and a quiet way to find peace.
    23. See the beauty of the world around you; there is a deep peace in the moments of oneness with beauty.
    24. Finish unfinished stuff that is bothering you; leave the past where it belongs.
    25. Have friends that really listen, be a friend and give the gift of compassionate listening.
    26. Change beliefs that limit you and thereby open to more freedom in life.
    27. Say good riddance to guilty because it is a artificial thought/emotion you learned from others.
    28. Stop watching nightly news, you will sleep much better and your mind will be more at peace.
    29. Notice where fear runs you and change your thinking toward love, love always trumps fear.
    30. Be kind to yourself and love and accept who you are


    Tomorrow I will provide 30 more peaceful ways.  Have a good day.