60 Ways To Bring Peace To The World – Part Two

Peace flows from inside our quiet knowing and our light filled heart and out into the other hearts of the world.  Please join me and be the wisdom and light you are.  Here are 30 more ways to tap into that peace.

  1. Do what feels right, say no to what doesn’t
  2. Follow your own truth and live by your values.
  3. Explore, express and enjoy your uniqueness and share who you are with the world.
  4. Have a purpose in life and live it with passion and feel how good that feels.
  5. Only make commitments you can honor with an open heart and then follow through with them in a peaceful manner
  6. Focusing on the positive and expecting good things to happen brings more peace to you mind and heart 
  7. Stop the noisy mind from blaming and feel the peace that comes from taking responsibility for your life
  8. Explore where your interests take you and be open to the comfort of being on your own path.
  9. Wake up and see yourself having a wonderful day filled with joyous and peaceful moments 
  10. Find the peaceful place inside of you and go visit there often.
  11. There is within you infinite possibilities, expressing those possibilities will change you and the world around you.
  12. Take a step into the flow of life, leave the worry and hurry on the shore and float peacefully along smiling in the moment.
  13. Sometime midday step away from what you are doing, move around, find yourself separate from your doing and just be.
  14. Before you drift off to sleep remember what you appreciate about you and your day, then sleep in that appreciation.
  15. Find a place where you overlook you community and sit in the peace of where you live.
  16. Go to places that uplift you, take in the vibrations, let yourself experience the inspiration.
  17. An inactive body will make your restless, an active body will be more at peace.
  18. Allow your uniqueness to bloom into the most radiant expression of life.
  19. Tap into the stream of well-being and abundance and enjoy the richness of life.
  20. Seek to balance the needs of your mind, body, emotions and spirit, nurturing each will bring a contentment with life.
  21. Is your life a work of art, if so, yeah, if not, time to be creative.
  22. Develop the watcher in you so you can step back and see yourself with awareness; more awareness equals more peace.
  23. Peace is possible if you and I expand our consciousness; consciousness happens by awakening to our higher nature.
  24. One of your main ingredients is your spirit, exploring your relationship to your spirit will be the most important journey of your life.
  25. Eckhart Tolle is another great teacher of peace, he teaches that rising about our thoughts is true liberation.
  26. Being open works so much better than having a closed mind and heart, peace can only happen in openness.
  27. Wherever you go, there you are, so find peace with yourself and you will experience peace not matter where you end up.
  28. In the silence of you is a link to all the wisdom and knowing of the universe, tune in and be guided.
  29. Habit and the familiar give the illusion of peace but being real and spontaneous feel more alive and a deeper and more satisfying way to live.
  30. If you want peace, choose to think peaceful thoughts.


Within these 60 ways there are at least several that will lead you on a journey rich in enlightenment and peace.  Come let’s travel together toward a peaceful world.