Inspiration, Inside Or Out, Is Waiting To Be Discovered

There has been lots of inspiration coming my ways lately and I am grateful for it.  Just recently a new teaching opportunity in Denver at a local university came my way where I get to teach my favorite course on the Theory and Practice of Counseling.  Teaching is a passionate expression for me and it makes me feel very alive while I get to inform and inspire others. 

I also recently listened to several very inspiring podcasts, which I would encourage you to listen to soon. The two websites I have really gotten great stuff from are over at Sounds True where I heard an interview with David Ison who healed himself from a terrible car accident through techniques he explored.  His story is very inspirational and so are his ideas.  The second place uplifting podcasts have come my way is over at the Theatre of the Mind, which I referenced  here at my blog last Thursday. I want to again refer you to this site and this particular podcast because it will expand your view of what is possible.

I appreciate inspiration and I search for opportunities to be inspired.  These are some things that inspire me, what inspires you:

  1. Ideas that invite me to see myself and the world around me from a more expansive viewpoint
  2. A walk in nature on a summer day, especially along the ocean, in the mountains or aside a stream
  3. When my heart is open in moments of love, compassion, caring or kindness
  4. In the stillness of the now when ideas bubble up into my awareness
  5. When watching people being moved by powerful experiences of life
  6. Watching or participating in sports events when teams or individuals reach their goals
  7. Moments of transcendence when I step away from my small sense of the world and experience my larger connection to all beings and things
  8. Sitting or walking quietly and being mindful, tai chi works well also
  9. New experiences that invite more potential in me to be expressed
  10. Watching movies and reading books that lift me up
  11. Creative expression pulls me fully into the now and soon the energy of inspiration flows through me
  12. Traveling and exploring new places and states of mind
  13. There are so many YouTube videos and a variety of places to hear expansive podcasts and presentations
  14. A great conversation with a friend or somebody new
  15. A sense of unity consciousness

What would you add to this list?  Are you active in seeking out inspiration?  If you are, you will experience more inspiration and your life will seem so much richer.