Inception In Our Own Minds

Last night I saw movie Inception and it got me thinking about human capacities and potentials.  There is still so much of the mind for us: to tap into, areas to explore, and potentials to realize.  Two particular potentials come to mind from this thought provoking film, one is the potential of our dreams and the other is the potential of ideas in our mind.  The movie by the way was more violence then I like but the visuals and the concepts make it a must see for those of us interesting in expanding our capacities. 

The dream state offers so much to explore.  Lucid dreaming is a way to explore our dream state.  Stephen LaBerge Ph.D. has been a recognized expert in this field.  His book on lucid dreaming would be well worth reading if exploring the potential of dreams is of interest.  In lucid dreaming the person is aware they are dreaming and learn to shape the dream.  In the movie the idea of a dream within a dream sounds intriguing.  The complicate piece of this is the human psyche. 

In theory dreams are where we work out the unsettling and overwhelming stuff of life.  People who don’t have dream time often become mentally and emotionally unstable.  It is unknown what happens if we began to control our dreams.   In my work I have come upon people that use their dreams to plan their life and create positive results so I know there is a vast potential there yet untapped.

The potential of a thought planted in our mind is in essence the work of a counselor, psychotherapist, social worker and other mental health professionals.  Most clients are run by the many limiting thoughts already planted by families, schools, and beliefs systems.  The addicts I work with are filled with guilt, doubt, limited beliefs and low self-esteem much of which were seeds planted long before their was any drugs or alcohol involved.  These seedlings grew into addictions as coping mechanisms to unhealthy concepts of self. 

Ideas sprout from: the ideas of others we learn, abusive situations, neglect, loving and caring parenting, positive role models, our interpretation of life events and many other influences.  A good psychology professional helps by bringing awareness to the limiting ideas of the mind and by replacing them with positive seeds that can grow into a positive sense of self.

The potential of a seed of thought within the mind is endless and incredible.  All amazing human creations and actions have begun as a single thought that grew into a powerful force within the individual.  This single thought when nurtured by supportive ideas, imagining, passionate emotions and a person’s hopes and intentions can grow into a Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Alice Walker, Bill Gates, or Al Franken. 

Yes in you is the same potential waiting to be explored and expressed.  What ideas are you planting today?


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