Walking The Edge Of Awakening, Part Two

Another step along the edge of awakening is to get clear about what the perfecting self desires.  This desire is not things like a new car or the home of your dreams.  Those kinds of desires are often ego driven and will not satisfy your deeper urges.  A desire in the direction of perfecting what is possible in you might be: freedom, higher consciousness, understanding of your true nature, compassion for humanity, inner peace, a deeper connection with spirit, or other possibilities.  What higher desires to you hear calling you at this point in your life?

Another edge can be the search to find the passion of your life.  This passion is about meaning and purpose and is unique to this incarnation of you. No one else can express with their life what you have to express.  This is a sacred call to be the you, you are here to be.  Exploring and expressing deeper and deeper levels of this passionate purpose clears the way for the universe to help out, to provide what you need.  Again as in Part One, you being clear is the most powerful way to produce rich levels of your perfecting expression.

Is there anything greater than pure freedom to do and be you?  What are the liberating forces you have access to that can aid the realization of your freedom?  Freedom is possible and multiple levels.  You can be free to have things you want, free to not work for others, free to explore your interests and other wonderful freedoms.  Then there are the freedoms of true knowing, of compassionate understanding, of pure awareness, of clarity of choice.  What is the highest level of freedom you seek?  What keeps you from that freedom today?  Can a part of you stretch you far enough to have that freedom?

Further along the edge you may encounter doubt, questions of deserving, fear of the unknown etc.  Yet these are just old programs that need to be replaced by the remembering of the urge toward more perfect self-expression.  Under this thought game is a totally open and receptive being that can make things happen in the moment you get out of your way.  This dance of limiting ideas and unlimited expression is a powerful one that calls you beyond the ordinary towards the extraordinary but only if you allow it.  Are you capable of allowing it, of course you are or you would not have the capacity to make choices as the level you do.  Follow the path towards more openness.

Lastly in my edge waking today is a call to you to explore the sense of relief.  Emotions are powerful and energizing and the specific emotional sensation of relief is unique in it neutral stance.  In relief you can feel the deeper flow of what is possible and not get the ego all pumped up to make things happen.  Relief is a flow of presentness free from expectations and rich in appreciation.  The perfecting instinct thrives in the relief of an open and free expression of your expansive Self.

As I write this I realize the limits of words to express these ideas so my invitation to you is to move away from the noise and wordiness of the mind and instead seek on the counsel of your silent knowing.  There will be great satisfaction in this journey and powerful results.