Walking The Edge Of Awakening, Part One

As is often the case I am going exploring again using myself as the test subject.  What I am experimenting with is stepping out of my own way.  For my entire life I have been trained, conditioned, imprinted upon, influenced and taught a large variety of ideas, biases, beliefs, view points, judgments, opinions etc. 

Like a blank slate early on I accepting most everything as truth.  As I matured and developed my capacity for critical thinking, I sorted more carefully through the information flow coming my direction.  As I woke up more and expanding my awareness and consciousness, I began to take back the inner programming from my past and upgrade to a more thoughtful, less ego-driven, heart guided and intuitive way of being in the world.  The latest version is quieter, more compassionate, peaceful and knowing from an ever expanding and inclusive sense of truth.

So my question is - what is the next step in my own evolution of consciousness?   An inspiration came to my question listening to a podcast from Theatre of The Mind late the night before.  Check this very unique message from an even more unique source and be as inspired as I was.

Refinement of self is a life long journey that most people put little direct focus on.  I am different that way and I am sure many of you readers are also.  If I am not growing I feel restless and not satisfied.  The following is the leading edge of my growth as of today:

Most of our lives we spend navigating the information our mind presents to us that is a jumble of falsehoods, inaccuracies and myth.  These thoughts seem like familiar friends but in reality they imprisoned us in limiting beliefs and critical self-talk.  The greater reality exists in a fresh look at all we say to ourselves, all we criticize and all we are so sure is right. 

There is a good chance that we have been living in a very distorted world of incorrect thoughts and emotional reactivity to the thoughts from our earlier development.  As a reminder to myself and my readers: OUR THOUGHTS ARE NOT REAL, THEY ARE JUST THOUGHTS.  I want to make this statement clearly and boldly because even though I know this to be true, I still often get caught up in my thoughts as if they are true. 

What is true?

As living beings we are perfect creation minus our thoughts.  Some would argue that anything imperfect about us is a product of wayward thinking not imperfections in our bodies.  Perfection is who we are if we stay out of our own way. This perfection is not ego based but the reality of our higher nature. 

So if we are innately a perfect creation then what gets in the way of our living in that reality.  The answer is that we do and the solution is to get out of our way.  We must clear away the piles of lingering resentments, harsh self-judgments, unrealistic expectations and the limiting ideas of the past.  To do this we need to learn to sit in the moment and be clear enough to know the deeper reality of who we are in our highest expression. 

On my bicycle ride yesterday morning I was contemplating this idea of the natural perfection of us humans and all of nature.  As I road my bike I was appreciating the radiant beauty of the all the living things I passed on the path.  Then I became aware of the rushing stream and the morning birdsong symphony.  Soon I noticed a butterfly on my shoulder as I sped along as if the universe was recognizing me recognizing it.   I acknowledged being acknowledged and the butterfly went on its journey.  

There is much more to explore here and I will return tomorrow for part two of my experiment of me walking the edge of awakening hoping to be fully awakened someday.