Move Towards Desire and Away From Fear And Anger

Desire is a natural part of being human. Desire is about growth and expanding what is possible in our lives.  Sure there are things we want but those are more on the surface and are about basic needs.  Under the surface is a very strong force of desire that is seeking a more full realization of who you are.  This urge to deeper expression is always there if we listen inward.  We want to have a meaningful life because we know that is why we are here. 

What gets in the way of following our deeper desires?  The answer for most of us is two powerful emotions: fear and anger.  When fear or anger are driving forces we are closed down in the heart.  How can we realize our hearts desire for a meaningful life if we are closed down? How can we make what we want to happen if we are always mad about what isn’t?  How can create the life we hope for if we spend our thoughts worrying and in fear?  

The origins of fear and anger are usually about the past and too often even as far back as childhood.  Think about it, if you have been angry or fearful for a long time you have suffered because your heart is closed down in its capacity to love and have compassion for self and others.  We are not what we feel but powerful unresolved feelings shape how we see and experience the world.

We can free ourselves to express our full uniqueness if we heal and better deal with our past.  How do we move towards manifesting our desires and away from the contractions of fear and anger?  The following are five simple but sometimes not easy action steps for opening to your deeper desires of meaning and purpose:

  1. Break from the past by doing today differently.  If you are run by habits and the familiar then you are run by the past.  If you change things up regularly you can have a fresh outlook on life and encourage yourself to move towards more open expressions.  Mix it up, move out of the old groove.  Small alterations can inspire big changes in results.
  2. Take an inventory of past issues with people and circumstances and commit to completing them in s constructive way or to letting them go.  The best form of letting go is forgiveness, which you can do now about anything anytime if you so choose.  Feel the lightness of being when you let go.
  3. Explore what things cause irritation to you and go looking for what the underlying feelings are that need to be expressed or released.  Most anger and fear are just thoughts we carry with us and these thoughts can be changed.  Positive thoughts about life will make you feel more positive and open.
  4. Focus on what you want not on what you don’t have.  It is so easy to get caught up in: what isn’t, what should be, who is to blame, and years go flying by.  If you learn to listen patiently and respectfully to the wisdom of your body, your heart, your intuition and your spirit, you will always be guided towards the full realization of your deepest desires.
  5. Start each day with a positive plan or image of the results you want to create.  Be open to course correction as the day offers both guidance and challenges.  Make it your goal to have fun and enjoy what you are doing or do something different that makes you happy.  Imagine your life filled with joy and the freedom to be ever expanding in expressing your unique gifts to the world.


You are the master of your own life if you choose to seek mastery over it or you can be a passive observer and instead feel more like a victim of others, circumstances and situations.  Use the five suggestions to take positive action and you will have many good reasons to celebrate your life.