Consciously Engaged Spiritual Activism

I have been regularly practicing restraint lately by not writing about politics here at my blog.  I see many frustrating things going on and I am shocked that so many people follow others who lack consciousness, compassion, objectivity, wisdom, higher values or honesty.  The way of politics and too often religion is one of controlling the masses by fear, guilt, and manipulation.  It seems like too many have put their questioning mind on hold and instead let the rationalizing ego-mind run them and their lives. 

As a thinking, conscious and mindful person, with a compassionate heart and a deep sense of spirit I feel the need to be engaged in social activism.  This activism for me is:

  • Promoting world peace through inner peace
  • Working for a better world by writing and spreading consciousness
  • Advocating for the those with mental health and addiction issue
  • Having compassion for the less fortunate, for the hungry and the homeless
  • Promoting the "green" activities for environmental health, clean air, drinkable water and protection of our farmlands
  • Supporting organic foods and healthy food production
  • Encouraging the exploration of the human potential as a way to come up with solutions to our social concerns
  • Advocating for government regulation of all Earth damaging and greed run corporations
  • Keeping the Web/Net neutral
  • Finding ways to end our dependence on oil with alternative sources of energy
  • More equality in the distribution of money and resources on the planet
  • Holding the news media accountable for reporting the truth and exposing programs run by bias (Fox News) and the misrepresentation of the truth. 
  • Seeking a better balance when most of the talk radio programs in this country have a conservative bias and this is filling the minds of this nation with narrow points of view
  • Promoting improving education based on real learning not biased programming of our youth.
  • Working to empower the rights and needs of the people over the profit seeking of the private sector
  • Advocating for a government for the people and by the people not a government for the corporations nor the destroying of government by those who hate government
  • Ending all wars by refusing to finance them
  • Providing universal health care for each person on the planet
  • Turning communities into bike friendly, town centers made for pedestrians and lots of public transportation at cheap rates
  • Having reasonable housing for everyone
  • Focusing our vast human minds towards creating positive outcomes for all humanity
  • Promoting appreciation for diversity and differences
  • Encouraging creative expression
  • Appreciating the wisdom of those wise with age, open minded, and excellent sources for mentoring
  • Asking people to question the dogmas and beliefs of their religions since these ideas are often the cause of conflict
  • Wanting change in Washington DC where there seems to be only really one political party and that is the money influenced party
  • Campaigning against intolerance and hate because these emotionally driven points of view are very unhealthy
  • Encouraging the expansion of NGO's that advocate for all the above

What issues are important to you?  What actions are you willing to take to be part of the forces for positive and progressive change?