Twelve Qualities That Help People Be Successful

The new teaching opportunity is now definite.  YEAH!  I love to teach and this class of 24 students is in for a very interesting and insightful class of the theory and practice of counseling.  I have been told that this is a unique population with people in recovery and people very concerned about finding work when they complete their degree in Human Services.  Even in the most difficult of times people who have self-awareness, who are skilled at helping others, who have the capacity to communicate successfully with others will always find work.  People skills are always useful. 

This got me thinking about what are the qualities people need to interact successfully in work, in relationships, and in life?

  1. An ability to listen and understand what another or others are telling you.  Good listening skills let people know you understand and they trust your ability to get things done.  Relationships have a much greater chance of success when the people involved can really listen with compassion to each other.
  2. A mind that can focus is another import asset in being successful in the world.  When things get busy it is a mind that can focus that creates the best results.  Focused minds also allow us to get clear about where we are going and this makes us better able to make things happen. 
  3. A likable personality is important.  If we are approachable, respectful, kind, supportive, encouraging and other qualities we are going to be well liked by people we interact with at work, in relationships and in life in general.  Friendly and nice people make great friends and valued employees.
  4. A person who is aware of self and others is important in helping to make the world function more successfully.  Awareness means we are tuned into what is important for both us and those around us.  Awareness brings understanding and more healthy and successful choices.  Aware people bring light into difficult situations.
  5. A patient person is appreciate by all.  Patience seems like a human quality in short supply these days.  It is however a wonderful quality because the people we are around need patience regularly in the speedy world we live in.  Patience means being able to be present to what is in a way that allows things to happen when they can happen.  Relationships need patience, life will demand patience often and work appreciates patience on a regular basis.
  6. A sense of humor is a valuable asset in most situations.  When we get into sticky or stuck situations a sense of humor can save the day.  A sense of humor is essential in most work situations especially those dealing with people on an intense level.  Relationships all need a sense of humor or they can die from seriousness. 
  7. A creative person is a hugely positive asset in most situations. Creativity is needed to move things forward.  Creativity fires up the imagination and unlocks a huge flow of energy.  Creative people are in touch with a greater inspiration beyond themselves.  Constant innovation is part of the world we live in and this is creativity in action.
  8. A person who has a passion for life is an energizer bunny for all those around them.  Passionate people bring energy to life, to love, to what they do, to helping others, to making the world a better place and so much more.  They are also fun to be around and can get us all motivated when needed.
  9. An open heart keeps things working better and more enjoyable.  Loving, compassionate and caring people are a joy to be with.  Open hearts mean people have access to a much greater wisdom inside and are in touch with their higher values.  Open hearts are able to come up with great solutions to the problems of the world.
  10. An open mind helps encourage ongoing discovery and the expansion of possibilities.  Open minds have the ability to learn and synthesize what needs to be understood.  Opens minds are not blocked by limiting beliefs and ideas and cannot be controlled by fear.  Open minds move people and organizations towards realizing their potential.
  11. A positive goal setter helps focus the intentions and attention of those around them.  If we know where we are going we can make it happen.  Intentions are powerful forces for making things come into being.  When we put our attention on our goals and focus our intentions we can move mountains to create the world we imagined.
  12. A big picture person helps stretch everyone towards bigger and better results.  When we hang around dreamers we learn to dream big.  When we expand our mind to what we think is possible, we then open to the bigger actions needed to bring about greater results.  Look around and see all that humans have created from the big ideas of each other.

I hope you find these qualities helpful and inside of you.  Each one can be nurtured and grown so they are part of the way you interact in the world.