An Inner Call To Your Full Expression

With my new college teaching assignment I now get to figure out the task of how to grade my students.  Grading is such a primitive system but that is what I have to work with.  Grading would not be necessary if people learned for the sake of learning instead of learning to get a degree.  Most of what we do is done for an outcome and that is human nature.  Learning however offers a unique opportunity to: learn to be a better person, learn to acquire understanding, learn to be informed, learn to expanding our mind, learn to explore another language or culture, learn to explore interests and many other reasons in search of enriching our life.  

This seeking of a fuller expression and richer exploration of who you are is innate within all of us.  Can you hear, feel, sense, intuit, that call now in your life?  Sometimes the call inside is loud and clear and other times it is more of a whisper.  That call is always there so you are invited to listen.


What are the guiding forces that call you to be who you are?

There is the human ego driven thought factory called the mind.  The ego’s influence is a widely accepted conceptual aspect of personality that is driven to protect you out of fear.  More simply stated, the ego is a mental state of survival.  The ego-mind always wants you to be in control, right, looking good, and the alpha dog.  The ego’s call is: you have got to win, be on top, out do everyone, be smarter and more clever, look better than anyone else, and never admit to being wrong or at fault.  This way of being in the world is about fear and how to survive.  The ego mind will rationalize anything it needs to for the purpose of being in control.

There is the way of the heart, which is about loving, about having compassion and respect for the uniqueness of all of life.  This call is about connecting to others, about exploring your capacities to be compassionate and kind, about accepting a diversity of ideas, points of view, and cultural and racial differences.  This is the way of seeking to understand at a sensing and feeling level beyond the wordiness of the mind.  The heart’s journey is towards being more open and a greater expression of love in the world.

There is the guidance of intuition that is centered in a knowing that comes from life’s experiences, from human consciousness, and from gut instincts.  This guiding force seems to know what is right for you and when listened to will greatly enhance your life.  Intuitions is available if we tune in and the more we tune is and pay attention, the more this force guides us to where we need to go.  Intuition comes in the form a quiet message that says this is the way for you.

There is the guidance of your higher self or spirit.  This call is from beyond your human experience and may come in the form of intuition.  This is a knowing wisdom that represents truth for you. This source of spirit, of your infinite nature is not bound by human limits of thinking and has a “beyond this life journey” perspective.  In other words this knowing force of insight and inspiration in you existed before your body came to life and will continue onward after your body ceases to breathe.  The knowing of the divine creative force of the universe (Great Spirit, Divine Mother, God, Allah, Source Energy, Yaweh or whatever name you call It) and your spirit are one. 

All these guiding force are calling you, what level of insight and expression do you wish to live at?