Journaling For Awareness

As I sat down to write I remembered that I had not commented on my first class that I am teaching a local college. There are 24 students and I get to take them on a journey to learn the basics of counseling theory and practice and become part of an experiment in expanding awareness.  I am very excited about this class and it seems like the students will be fun to work with.  The experiment in expanding awareness is one I thought I would offer to you my readers also. 

Awareness is incredibly empowering to all of us.  When we are aware we make more enlightened decisions about life.  A moment of insight can change our whole focus and bring light to our struggles.  Awareness helps us move from stuck to success.  My assignment for my students and myself is to keep a journal for self-reflection, moments of awareness and insight and when the light of consciousness is turned on. 

Here are some guidelines for your Insight Journal writing:

This Journal is about your insights and awareness, about becoming a more conscious human being.  You will get out of this experience what you put into it.  You are encouraged to make as many entries as you can.  A guideline would be at least daily writing something.

         *         Tune inward and notice what is going on inside you body, the sensations, the expanding and contracting, the energy flow or blocks, the guidance the body is trying to give you.

         *         Tune into your thoughts and self-talk and notice if your thought are positive, negative, fearful, hopeful, loving, judgmental etc.  Is your self-talk supportive, encouraging, critical, judging, impatient, unkind, blaming, respectful etc?

         *         Tune in to your heart and emotions and notice if you are open or closed, if you have compassion or criticism, what feelings are present.  Reminder all emotions naturally transform to other emotions on their own.  Simply turn towards what you are feeling and acknowledge these emotions, be accepting and respectful of those feelings and watch them change to other emotions.

         *         Tune into your gut instinct, your intuition, you Higher Self, your ego-self, your beliefs, you view points, your biases, your spirit, your breath, you infinite nature and whatever else is part of you.

         *         Tune into your reactions to others and the world around you, see what you can see, feel what you can feel, sense what you can sense, know what you can know, learn from the journey of others.  Be open to guidance and insight wherever if may come from.

Then let yourself write freely without taking time to be worried about editing.

The more you practice writing freely about your awareness of self and the world, the more the flow of inspiration will come to you.