11+11 Values Guiding America 2010 and Beyond

I can't seem to get my mind away from deep concerns about our future and at the same time I am filled with hope that our consciousness will win out over the ego-mind and its fear and greed.

The first set of values or lack of values are causing great harm to our nation and its people:

  1. Greed - Making more profits and more money, tax cuts for the wealthy
  2. Winning - only the winners matter and how you win doesn’t matter
  3. Eliminate government - government cost money
  4. Deregulation - government regulations are a barrier to more profits, let unchecked capitalism rule
  5. Fear as the way to view the world - use fear to control the people, to drive the defense budget 
  6. Power - being in power matters more than what is right for the country or the people
  7. Intolerance for people who are different - immigrants, other races, gays, Muslims, liberals are the enemy
  8. Truth does not matter - opinion is what matters, misinformation is rationalized, arrogance rules
  9. Work for little pay and be glad you have a job
  10. The Earth doesn't matter - it is a resource to be used not managed
  11. Get rid of the safety net - the people don't deserve social security, medicare and healthcare for all


The second set of values are about what is good in humanity and will make us and our country great again:

  1. Compassion – seek to have an open heart and understanding for others
  2. Equal opportunities for all – a more fair economic system to brings everyone into prosperity
  3. Planet and the People rights – protect the planet and provide for all the peoples needs, all living things matter
  4. Seek the truth – there is nothing more important then finding your own truths
  5. Be present – the only way to enjoy life is to be in the moment not in memory of the past or in hopes for the future
  6. Work to live your life with meaning and purpose – each of us has a unique expression that is essential for us to explore
  7. Government that works well - work together with others to bring the power of the people back into government so it can work for all
  8. Generosity and service to all – giving feels better than taking, helping feels better than using others
  9. Acceptance of all – each of us is unique and all of us are brothers and sisters
  10. Trust your higher nature – explore the intuitive wisdom of your heart and spirit
  11. Be in touch with your own power – your power is beyond your ego and your thoughts and resides in your infinite nature

 Which limiting ways are you working are dropping and which new ways are you wanting to realize?