Tears Are A Gift In Liquid Form

Lately I have gained a greater respect for tears.  As a therapist I have witnessed so often people shedding tears but it wasn’t until the other day that I had a deeper insight into the many ways that tears are a gift.  When we cry we do so for a variety of reasons but they all amount to expressing something deep within.  

If you feel like crying let the tears flow because they are good for you in the following ways:


Tears are gifts of relief and release 

Tears are private or public

Tears are feelings leaking out

Tears are sadness or loss

Tears are from the joy of the present

Tears are letting go

Tears are success that overwhelms

Tears are a way for a child to communicate

Tears are moments of inspiration

Tears are the moment of pride for another

Tears are not knowing what to do

Tears are reaching out to others

Tears are moments of experiencing beauty

Tears are reunion

Tears are asking for help

Tears are open hearts being touched

Tears are bodies tired and warn out

Tears are abandonment

Tears are being stuck

Tears are losing sense of self

Tears are looking back

Tears are regret

Tears are the return of freedom

Tears are swings toward the positive

Tears are expanding and awakening