Whatever You Do, Don't Trust Your Own Thoughts

There are so many examples of thoughts gone wrong in politics, religion, business, society, in families, and in our own minds that makes no sense at all.  We are often run by false beliefs and ideas and we don’t know that is the case.  Too often thoughts hold us back from creating the life we want or close our hearts down, or cause us to live in judgment of others and ourselves.  Thoughts are not worth ruining our lives over.

Let me give you some examples of thoughts that make a mess out of us and the world: 


  • People who kill others in the name of God like the Crusades, like modern day extremists, like people who bomb clinics.  These are insane actions caused by disturbed thoughts and out of control minds. 
  • In politics people make things up and spread fear regularly for their advantage and no one calls them on it, like Glenn Beck and all the others who shout with fervor their beliefs, which are just crazy thoughts.  These shouting heads actually believe their own thoughts and many of the people who listen to them believe their crazy thoughts and make them their own and none of them are real.
  • My brother is an elected official for a county and they harass my Dad and his wife because my brother is a member of another political party than my Dad is.  These are crazy thinking people that consider it ok to harass another because his son thinks different than they do.  
  • Families often pass faulty thinking down through generations.  They pass beliefs, values, fears and biases as if they are real onto the next generation.  These family thoughts are not real and many in the family actually never question these thoughts and live their lives according to this mistaken thinking that was passed on to them. 
  • In corporations they talk how much they value their workers and yet fire employees to increase their profit margins, or mismanage the worker's retirement funds, or take away their health care benefits of loyal employees, or ship their jobs overseas, or deny claims and so many other products of thinking gone very wrong. These are minds stuck on greed and rationalizing heartless behavior and these people actually believe their own thoughts.  All damage to humanity and the planet has been caused by people who actually believe their own thoughts.

I could give you millions of examples of thoughts that are wrong, mistaken, incorrect, destructive and crazy and yet people believe them.  All our thoughts are not real, they are just words passing (often obsessively) through our minds.  These are just words we give meaning to, which are nothing more than a collection of words strung together and we have some kind of belief they are real.  Most thoughts are not real, they are never concrete or substantial, or something we can put our trust

If this isn't confusing then you are missing the point.  All thoughts are confusing in the regular ego mind. This mind is mostly chaos driven with hopes for the future and thoughts about the past.   Almost all of our thoughts are not even about what is going on in the now.   So please be aware and alert enough to know that all thoughts should be examined and then re-examined and then most often ignored.

There is however a greater knowing and that will be addressed soon here at the Explore Life.