Thoughts Beyond The Ordinary

Yesterday I wrote about not trusting the thoughts in our own mind and I stand by that as an essential way of living consciously.   The exceptions to this idea of not believing our own thoughts are: in moments of insight, when the light of awareness comes on, when intuition enlightens us, or when the heart guides us to a greater wisdom.  All these inspirational moments could be called thoughts but they are better described as knowing from our higher nature.  This knowing is not something we think about but something we know.  Yes we can intentionally have higher thinking if we know how to do that.

Let’s explore this higher knowing separate from ego-mind (which always thinks it knows but rarely does).  There is a part of us beyond our ordinary self.  That part existed before we were born into this life and will continue after we leave our bodies behind.  This infinite self comes equipped with a knowing beyond the limits of busy mind.

I have become acquainted this higher nature in myself over the years of inner practices like meditation, tai chi, yoga, mindfulness, study of these higher states, and variety of awareness provoking experiences.  These practices have opened me up to seeing and sensing beyond my normal perceptions. My openings have also come by way of my heart and a deepening relationship with my spirit.  These experiences are definitely about opening because my higher nature is only recognizable by expanding my awareness beyond ordinary thought. 

I want to share some hints for opening to your more expanded nature:

Breathing – there are numerous breathing practices that will alter your state of mind in expansive ways. 


Tuning In – within you is a deep knowing that can only be discovered by listening to the quiet wisdom inside.


Nature – being in nature naturally expands your perceptions and sensitivities to the world around you and within.


Slowing down – when you break the cycle of speeding through life you begin to relax and see the vastness of all of life around you.


Mind altering substances and practices – there is long history across cultures of using substances and practices to alter states of mind, find a guide if you want to go exploring here.


Beauty – viewing and experiencing beauty has a way of opening by moving you past the familiar into realms which invite you to live in wonder and awe of creation.


Love – think of being in love and how altered you feel.  Those “in love” states are natural and how love really is until your ordinary mind closes these feelings down.

There is much to explore here and I will be back with more to share.