Taking Time For Yourself Throughout Your Day

This post is a reminder to myself and to all of you out there that get caught up in the day and forget to take care of ourselves.   I am not talking a major and unrealistic adjustment to your life.   There are little things you can do throughout your day that can make a real difference to: your peace of mind, your over all effectiveness, and the quality of your life experience.  Take these ideas and use them starting immediately and you will create very positive results:

  • Take downtime a few minutes here and there.  This could look like a walk to get some water, a walk outside for some fresh air, changing the focus of your eyes by looking out of the window at something a ways away, or quick chat with a co-worker who has energy to spare or just a spin or two in your chair.
  • Take time to meditate.  Meditation is the ultimate self-care, human potential booster.  Meditation can be on a walk, sitting quietly before breakfast, on the commute to work, before dinner time to slow down, and really anyplace you can just tune in even if for only a few minutes.  Mindfulness, a form of meditation can be done anywhere at anytime.
  • Cross off activities you can do without.  This means dropping all the stuff that isn’t nurturing to you or essential.  Obligations driven activities can be put off or aside unless you enjoy doing them.  The world will continue to spin off its rocker whether you show up at a meeting or not.  Say “no” to what is not positive or healthy for you.
  • Break time means out of the stuck and muck of what you are doing.  The human brain runs off track if it isn’t given opportunities to reset, to slow down, or move out of redundancy.  If the mind gets too grooved it looses elasticity and creativity.  Quieting the mind or slowing it down regularly each day is necessary for optimal functioning.  This means leaving the comfort zone and moving past old patterns. 
  • Take time to smell the flowers and hear the birds.  Nature is naturally healing.  Hear the birds as you wake up or head to work.  Smell the beauty of a fresh morning or the late night breeze.  Listen to a stream or the muffled sounds of you feet on the sidewalk or path. 
  • When you first wake up become aware of being in your body and its emotional and energetic currents.  Pay attention as the day unfolds to the bodily and emotional responses.  Feel the source of aliveness within, notice the depth of your breath, listen to the wisdom of your heart.
  • Let go of holding patterns and resentments.  The past is for those who have no life, the future is for the dreamer.  The now holds the infinite.  Release and let go off all past issues because they are weighting down your lift off for the life you dream deeply for.  Resentments are walls that keep those we care about away and not necessary unless you are unwilling to let go of the past.
  • Play even if just briefly during your day.  Sometimes play at work is essential for mental health.  Find people around you who enjoy playing and set up little games and off beat competitions.  Play could be a fun thought, a kind gesture, a date for later, a creative jolt of expression, and so much more.

 In just moments a day you can enrich almost every experience.  Let me know what works well for you.