Adaptability And Enthusiasm Are Wonderful Human Traits

It has been a very busy week at work and I am in the TGIF mode.  My job has expanded significantly since my boss left and now there never seems to be enough time to get everything done.  I appreciate my boss even more now then I did when he was here. 

In the last year we have lost many of the more experienced staff, a number of enthusiastic young staff and the director.  These changes have been both positive and draining.  As the staff stands now, we have an excellent crew and we all seem to be dealing well with the inevitable nature of change in this work of helping those with addictions.

We humans are incredibly adaptive; we often are able to flow with change rather effortlessly.  It seems people in the human services tend to be flexible in mind and heart and that makes going with the nonstop current of change easier. 

This flowing with the current of life is so valuable these days.  Leadership plays and important part in making change happen with more ease.  If people understand the challenges they face and what are ways they can succeed they tend to step up to what is needed.  If people are uncertain and no one is steering the organization then chaos often occurs.  If people have a vision or sense of what is going on they tend to do their part naturally. 

Another aspect of positive change management is energy and enthusiasm.  People who bring energy to what they do are like the lifeline to a well-run organization.  Enthusiasm comes from positive thinking and hopeful anticipation.  Together energy and enthusiasm has the ability to transport people through even the toughest of times.  People that bring these states of mind to a company, to human services, to schools, to any work or social change organization are the heart center.  Without heart and the support of optimistic thinking little constructive change would ever happen. 

How are you energetically and how is your state of mind?  Do you uplift and encourage the people around you?  Do you raise people up because of your passion and purpose?  Your expansive and supportive ways are huge difference makers.  Are you holding back in any way because we all loose out if you do?

Find your energy source within, tap into it daily, be an inspiration to others, make it your goal each day to enrich those you interact with.  This will create two amazing results: one is that you will make a significant difference in the world and two is you will feel as if your life has great meaning and that you are a person of worth.   This positive sense of self will fill you with aliveness, love, compassion, joy and peace of mind and you will be a light to all those around you.