Knowing Beyond Logic

There are a number of ways of knowing beyond the logical mind.  This post will explore this higher knowing which is available to you.  First you may ask, is there a greater knowing than logic?  The answer is that logic is the working of the mind and is therefore limited by beliefs, past experiences and ideas, and the rambling nature of thoughts.  The second part of why logic is limited is that a logical mind can also rationalize (things like war, hate, greed etc.)  and that makes it a very unreliable source of knowing.

Now let’s explore 7 more reliable ways of knowing:

  1. Intuition is the knowing that comes in the moment from a place of clarity and is more like a flash, a sense of what is right for you.  When you listen to the wisdom of your intuition you are always guided towards a fuller experience of life.  Ignoring your intuitive knowing often causes suffering.
  2. Your heart center is a place of excpetional knowing.  Your heart tells you: what feels right, when to open to love or not, what gives you meaning, and what is the best path for your life.  A heart filled path is the most rewarding journey to take.
  3. Each of you has a Higher Self.  This is the part of you that was here before you came into the body and will continue on after.  This might be called your spirit, your soul or your life force.  This Higher Self is aligned with the creative source of the universe and divinely knows beyond your human capacities.
  4. There is a body wisdom some might call your gut instinct.  If you want to know what is right for you just tune into your body messages.  The body knowing is not mixed up by thought, it is instead informed by your senses.  Tightness is closing down and the wrong direction.  Expanding is opening and the better direction.
  5. There is a combined human knowing called the Collective Consciousness.  This collective knowing exist across the planet at a human-to-human level.   If you learn to tap into this reservoir of knowing you will experience the wisdom of all human consciousness.
  6. Emotional energy is the byproduct of your thoughts and their feeling.  Emotions are knowing in a very clear way if you explore where they come from and what they mean.  Emotions that make you feel alive, expansive, open and caring are guiding you towards well-being.  Emotions that are contracting, fearful and close you down are telling you to change course.
  7. These two partners in knowing are called insight and awareness.  They are when the light goes on, when you see something clearly for the first time, when you wake up to who you are beyond the masks.  Awareness allows you to make healthier choices.  Insight wakes you up to who you are at a deeper level. This knowing of self beyond the ego-mind can be very liberating.

 Each way of knowing has its own qualities but can be in a simple way reduced to this: if you tune in and listen, your knowing will be made clear.