Twenty Of The Best Questions To Expand Consciousness

As you know if you are a reader of my blog I am passionate about peace and consciousness.  I have decided our best hope for peace is for us all to wake up.  Raising our consciousness is waking up and I wanted to share with you 20 or my favorite consciousness raising questions.  These 20 questions come from a list of 140 questions I put together over the weekend.  Let me know what you think of these questions, actually more what insights you gain from exploring them.  Ask each question of yourself.

Here are twenty of the best questions for expanding your consciousness: 

Who am I?

What matters most to you and how are you living what matters?

If you are not your thoughts who are you?

How did you exist before this lifetime and what will continue after your body dies?

Is there a knowing beyond your mind? How do you know that and what is this knowing?

What is your higher self?

What ways are we all alike?

How do you wake up when you know you have been sleep- walking through life?

What from your past are you allowing to mess with your life now?

What are your methods of growth and how do you keep them expanding?

Are you your harshest critic and if so what will you do to be more supportive and kind to yourself?

What do you know of the power of silence in your life?

How would you spread more loving-kindness in the world?

How does seeking the approval of others get in your way?

Why is it healthy to acknowledge and accept your feelings?

Why is taking responsibility for your life essential for your well-being?

What does it mean to do self-care of mind, body, emotions and spirit?

How come there is so much anger in the world?

How come life’s lessons are so important?

How come your individual expression is so important for you and humanity?


Please enjoy and expand.